Poetry Day

I decided to share a poem I wrote today.  I just was in one of those moods today and had the notion to write a poem.  The words just came into my head and here they are.  I hope you enjoy it.  It’s not my best, but I believe it’s decent enough to share.  Please let me know what you think.  I really would enjoy hearing from you!

Days Gone By

I recall vividly those long days spent frolicking outside

Picking flowers as we made sure to smell each one.

Everything seemed bigger then than it does now.

We could play for hours and run to our heart’s content.

Fluffy clouds became elephants or bears as we lay in the fresh cut grass.

Those days are gone, my friend.

They’ve been replaced with different days though just as busy.

We buy flowers, not pick them.

The world has become so much smaller, more convenient.

Clouds are just clouds.

Just for today, I choose to pick the tulips and see if they smell good,

take a walk along the newly greened grass,

lay with my kids and see which animals we can spot flying in the sky.

Just for today, I remember those days gone by.

I am young again but just for today.


Happy Daydreaming!


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