Fun Times Stenciling with Lace

Stenciling was done with a special plastic sheet with the pattern cut out, or so I thought before this project. I discovered, however, that this is not always the case. I actually found that this is the most awesome way to stencil ever, at least if you can remove whatever object you are working on into a well ventilated area outside of your home! All you need is lace and some spray paint! You can absolutely transform a piece from drab to fab in a fairly short time! If I can do it, anyone can!

My dad came to my house recently and was taking a gander at the things around that had changed recently.  He noticed the little formerly oak coffee table and commented that I’d gotten a new table.  I informed him that no, I had simply painted and stenciled it.  I am so proud of that piece.  You can see it above.  I’ll give you the directions which are fun and easy to do.  I also used this same technique on a bookshelf which can be seen in my last blog post, House of Crazy Gets a Makeover!

What you’ll need:

spray paint  — I prefer Valspar gloss from Lowe’s.  It is easy to use and goes on very                                             smoothly and evenly.  Just pick your accent color

paint brush — unless you can spray the piece you are working on or are leaving it as it is

your favorite color paint –chalk paint is great if you don’t want to have to sand it, but you will have to then go over it with wax .  I used latex, high gloss and I love the color white for a clean, fresh look

glaze —  if you choose to use latex paint, I highly recommend glazing your piece with a polyurethane sealant to help seal it and prevent it from getting damaged from normal wear and tear.  Read the directions, but usually you will need to apply 2-3 coats and let the piece fully dry for several hours in between each coat

sand paper — I like to use those nifty little sanding tools I find at Lowe’s.  You can hold them in the palm of your hand and are angled to help you get into the areas that otherwise drive me crazy!

Lace — Get going to the fabric store and pick out your lace.  Measure your furniture piece     before you go so you know how much lace to buy.  I always look at the sales rack first.  If you’re just going to spray paint over the lace, don’t pay a fortune for it!  Make sure you have enough to cover the piece you’re working on.  You get one chance.

Now you’re ready to start!

Once you have sanded and painted your piece of furniture, you are ready for the fun.  As I said, if you are simply stenciling on a piece that is not being painted first, you save yourself that whole step.

First, lay out your lace over the area you will be stenciling and secure with painter’s tape where stencil will not be seen.  You don’t want the tape mark to show up instead of your pretty lace pattern.

Next, grab that can of spray paint and with steady and even strokes, spray back and forth over your lace making sure to cover all areas evenly but not too much or the pattern will bleed.  Once you have that accomplished, carefully pick up your lace.  Let it dry completely then seal it with the glaze.  Voila! See, I told you that was easy!

Again, if you have questions, just ask me!  I’m always happy to answer them.

Thanks for reading!



The House of Crazy Gets a Makeover

In our home, we have lived with mismatched everything for years. Life just gets so hectic that making the house beautiful and making it ours just was something that was put on the backburner. Well, after mom died, I decided that enough was enough and I was done living in a house that didn’t feel like our home.

We were always so busy with work and the kids’ activities. I finally had some time away from work and a deep desire to make this all work. The problems were where to begin and how to afford to make the changes affordable. My first research project was at Lowe’s. My second was the plethora of sites online to give me inspiration. Pinterest, as usual, became my best friend. My husband even said, “Honey, you don’t have to do every project you find on Pinterest.” My reply was, “but of course I do”.

After researching on Pinterest, I decided to begin repurposing furniture. I stenciled like a madwoman! Everything I did turned out great! My father thought I had a new coffee table until I told him I had simply painted it and stenciled it with lace. It turned out so well, especially since I had never done something like this before.  I love it. I did the same thing with a bookcase and a large cabinet. Above is a picture of the bookcase. No, not everything is in the same room. That would be a little overkill.

The next thing I did was make new lampshades. Well, I covered them with fabric to update them and make them match the new decor. I am finally going to have a decor when I’m done! Goodbye hodgepodge! I also got my craft diva crown on and went to town painting mason jars for above my kitchen cabinets. I plan on finding some inexpensive flowers to place in the mason jars to accent the new colorful “vases” I have created. I also distressed some darker metal objects, like lamps that had texture and a large vase.

My daughters helped me make some new pictures, 4 to be precise.  Painting the scene of a tree on each canvas, we decorated each with buttons to match the decor I will have in the living room then we made them into the 4 seasons.  So easy and cute!  It was also a great way to get them involved in the creative process.  My youngest daughter is extremely artistic and extraordinarily talented in her craft.  She is able to draw and paint incredibly well, but this was my project so she added just a bit of her mad painting skills.  My second daughter claims to be artistically challenged, but did an awesome job in this crafting realm. We had such fun working on this project together and watching some shows that she loves while the Superbowl was on.  What a great way to bond.

Those were the fun and easy projects. They didn’t cost more than a few dollars each. They didn’t take much time either and they were a blast to do!  The best part is that you can use any color you like to paint.  All you need to do is pick a color palette that you want to work with and stick to those colors in varying shades.  I am blessed to be good with colors, or so I’m told I’m good with colors.

Then there was the world’s ugliest kitchen floor that had to be dealt with. Well, me being me, why not update the whole kitchen, but how can we afford to do that on a dime! The answer to my flooring problem will last for a good while and was easy enough for my husband and I to accomplish. So far, we’ve had compliments by every one who has seen it. Peel and stick tile. We’ve done this before and it’s much easier than ceramic. It is a great weekend project to do. We painted and pulled off a cabinet that had no purpose in life but to be awkward. So far it looks great. We aren’t finished yet, but those few new features are fabulous! I’m so happy to finally be getting a kitchen that looks expensive but at an affordable cost to me. So refreshing! Now off to put my new countertops in place! Yippee! Let’s just hope my husband and I can survive that one!

If you have questions about how to do any of these projects, just ask me. This is my favorite pastime! I’d be happy to answer any questions.

My Blog of Life!

Hello World!

Well, although it’s taken me quite a bit of time and frustration,  here it is at last, my very first blog post!  Woohoo!!  I can’t believe I can finally write and publish my thoughts right here for all to see.  It’s actually a bit daunting when you think about it, but I am thrilled to pieces!  Thank you so much for joining me in my journey.

With this being my first post, I want to dedicate this and all my future posts in memory of my beloved mother.  She was my mentor, my best friend and the glue that kept everything in our family together.  We lost her after November 25, 2015.  She had a hemmorhagic stroke 5 weeks earlier and started to recover somewhat before complications from infection set in.  She passed away in hospice after 2 weeks without nourishment of any kind.  She passed away peacefully while I held her hand.  It was my brother’s birthday.  I believe she waited for that.  It was 12:38 AM.  We are still healing.

As I said before, my mom was my mentor.  She was an incredibly amazing and vivacious woman.  At 85, she and my dad would go for their walks everyday.  She loved to play bridge and golf.  She was the life of every room she entered.  She taught me everything I know, but I often didn’t listen.  I learned to listen over the years, but we would still disagree sometimes.  What family doesn’t have minor disagreements!  She used to love to talk about the 2 things she always said you should never talk about… religion and politics!  If you agreed with her, you were great, but the older she got, the less tolerant she became of those who didn’t agree, although never to their face.  If she loved you, she loved you and she would fight to the death for you.  You just might not be aware of that fact.  To your face, at least if you were her child, you might hear the words, “you should be more like so and so”.

One thing mom used to always tell me growing up, especially when I was a pain in the backside, which was a lot as a teenager, was “one day you’ll realize that I’m your best friend”.  I finally did and was really enjoying our fabulous adult relationship when, out of nowhere, in 5 weeks she was gone.  Those 5 weeks were long but not long enough.  They were so special and stressful all at the same time.  I couldn’t even explain all the emotions that occurred in those few weeks, but if God had to take mom from us, I’m so grateful that I had that time to be with her.  I miss her every single day and will for the rest of my life.

I could write volumes about my mom.  She and I may have had some differences from time to time, but I can tell you that I was the luckiest little girl in the world the day my mom and dad brought me home and called me their own.  I love you always and forever mom. Keep an eye on us all.  Until we meet again. xoxo