I am a bit fond of this poem that I wrote.  It’s one that simply came from my heart.  Of course, it’s about my mom and she was amazing in so many ways.  I miss her so much every day.  Some days are harder than others.  Today was a great day spent with my dad, but tonight, I’m thinking about my mom.  She and I were very close.  There were times we acted more like sisters than mother and daughter.  I am so grateful that I was blessed with a mom like her.  She was the kindest, most thoughtful and generous woman.  I know you are probably tired of reading about her, but until I’m tired of writing about her, I will continue.

Sitting with my dad and my awesome Aunt Bea today, I was reminded of where my parents came from.  Dad told me stories as well on the 2 hour trip home.  How wonderful to be able to spend time learning about life back in those days.  You see, my family is from Ireland.  My dad came here in 1955 and went back to get mom in 1960, in case you hadn’t read my first blogs.  Being a first generation in this country is not like most people here.  We have a different outlook than others because of where and when our parents came from.  My mom was an exceptional woman in every respect.  Imagine leaving your family and friends and all you know and hold dear to marry a man and move to a new country.  People do it, but, back then, the airfare and phone calls were very dear.  There was no email or technology as we know it now.  No Skype.  No, nothing to keep in touch with most people very easily.  Mom came here with a little red case.  Those were her worldly goods.  The only other thing she had was her new husband waiting here for her and her new married name and a few of his relatives.  Imagine how brave she was.  I know her bravery and strength.  She was unwavering  in that department.   She will always be the strongest woman I will ever know.  She had to be.  Here is my poem.  I hope you enjoy it.  No iambic pentameter here!!


She was there.  Always available for everyone.  Always.

What happened just simply was unexpected and unfair.

It was a completely ordinary day, like so many in her life, but this was the day that would change the course of everyone’s life forever.

She dressed, ate breakfast, had her tea with milk and Truvia.  She went to Mass with her husband.

She tidied the house and called on a friend.  She was just visiting.  Just for a little while, and it happened.

IT happened.  That was the last time she was who she had always been.  The always of 85 years.  Was it her heart?  What was happening?

They took her away.  It was so busy, so many people, machines, voices.  Where was her family?  What was happening?

She slept.  Her family was there, but she was sedated with medications and tubes and the ventilator and the drain.  That drain.  So many people, then not so many people anymore.

The tubes disappeared one by one.  She awoke.  Her speech was slurred but she was here, sort of.

“Hi Mom!  It’s me!  Do you know where you are?  I love you Mom.” She smiles and recognizes her daughter.  She begins to build some strength.

She sits up in the chair. “Hi Mom! Do you know where you are?” I do, I think I do.  I answer.  I’m not right.  “It’s okay Mom.  You’ve been through a lot. ”  She explains, but I can’t remember.

“Hi Mom. I love you so much Mom.  Please fight Mom.  Please.  Please.” She can’t eat, or stay awake very long.  She wakes only for her daughter.  She doesn’t respond much to the others.

“Mom, it’s okay to go.  I will always love you, forever.  It’s okay.  I’ll take care of everyone.  You taught me how.  I promise I’ll make you proud, Mom.  I wish you could stay, but I know you can’t.”

It’s her son’s birthday.  She made it.  She feels her daughter holding her hand.  She’s been holding her hand for a long time.  Now she can peacefully go home.  Her daughter cries again.  “I love you so much, Mom.  Watch over us”.


6 thoughts on “Mother

  1. Such a sad and lovely poem about your mom. I am so sorry for your loss – she really does sound amazing. I can’t imagine moving to another country without being able to easily be in touch the way that we’re able to be today. So glad you linked up with Finish the Sentence Friday!

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  2. Oh, I had goosebumps reading this. You truly touched a piece of my soul with your poem. I can relate to your love for your mother. You write about her as much as you want. Like I often say about my Mom–her stories belong in the sky and everywhere for all to see! I’m glad I found your blog via FTSF. You know, I’m not saying to promote myself in any way, but I’m in the process of curating an anthology, along with another writer, including stories centered mostly around this exact sort of profound moment within the circle of life. Deadline is April 15th. Your voice would fit in well, and I courage you to take a look. You can find out more here:

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  3. I read your poem and got goose bumps at the end. I lost my Mum in 2013. It happened suddenly one morning. The lady from the nursing home didn’t speak English clearly so it took me a long time to realise my darling Mum wasn’t with us any longer. Question after question…”Where is she now…is she in hospital….she’s on her bed?” And the awful realisation as I ended the call and saw my little family standing outside the Sunday School watching me. I’d been pacing in circles and there they were. ..expectant. My eight year old daughter, my ten year old son and my seventy nine year old Dad. There was no sugar coating the delivery….”We’ve lost Mum…we’ve lost Nanna”.
    And their crinkled little faces as we all turned into a circle with arms around each other.
    You were so brave and lucky to have been with your Mum when she passed away from your material view of her . Her strong spirit will carry on in etetnity. Thank you for that lovely story.

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  4. Well I am totally crying. I saved your post for last when I saw the title. I am very close to my mom and can’t even imagine being separated from her by life. That was a very touching poem. I’m glad you had her for so long, and I’m so sorry you’ve had to say goodbye.

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