Wine Tasting with a Friend


What a great way to wind down on a Friday night!  My dear friend and I were able to get together and spend our evening at one of our favorite restaurants last night.  We like to plan these evenings to catch up on each other’s life happenings and go eat our dinner at Cooper’s Hawk.  We are members of their 2 bottle a month wine club which has some great benefits.  Not only do we each get 2 bottles of wine to bring home every month, we also receive 2 free wine tastings each month.

Last night, we were able to have one of our fabulous evenings together.  We decided to do taste various sweet wines last night because we were in that sweet kind of mood.  I’m not usually fond of all the sweet wines, but Cooper’s Hawk has some lovely fruit wines.  I particularly enjoyed the Passion Fruit and the Rhubarb because they have a tartness to them.  I also enjoyed the Almond Sparkling wine.  It’s probably one of my favorites because it’s not too sweet and has that lovely amaretto flavor.  Oh, we tried more.  For your wine tasting, you try 8 wines, so by the time you are finished with your tasting, you know exactly which wine you’d like with your dinner and which to take home.

The sommeliers are knowledgeable and  very quick to serve and answer questions.  I appreciate that so much.  If you do a tasting though, bring cash to tip your sommelier.  You pay for the tasting at the wine counter and you may not add a gratuity to your bill via credit card.  We learned this the first time and were sad to know that we were unable to tip our sommelier that evening.  She was excellent and judging from the reaction when you hand them cash, they are so very appreciative.  I think many people don’t know that this is proper etiquette so these people with the knowledge who work their tails off are left with nothing extra.

Once we were finished with our tasting and choosing our wine for the month, it was time to be seated.  Our service was good and so was our food.  I had the pistachio encrusted grouper, my friend actually had my usual, gnocchi with brown butter, butternut squash and spinach.  Delicious!  I have leftovers for today’s dinner.  The atmosphere is great and I’ve never had a poor server.  We sat and chatted about all the latest news in our lives and caught up for the last month, hence the four bottles I had to pick up instead of my usual 2!

Spending time with friends is always a good way to relax and unwind after a busy week.  Time spent with a great friend at a wine tasting followed by a good meal, priceless!


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