The Quietest Moments


I love to write!  I know that’s a no-brainer since I have this blog.  The problem is often finding the peace and quiet to write in. A busy house, a busy life equals noise!  Lots of noise when you have 4 kids and one or more of them likes to talk constantly and ask questions all the time.  Add a dog that thinks she is in competition for world domination with the backyard squirrel and focus may feel like a thing of days gone by.

Mornings are the most peaceful, magical times in our house.  Well, I should qualify that by saying they are peaceful and magical for me when I’m the only one awake with my cup of coffee in hand.  I love and treasure those moments because they allow me to work on my writing and get my mind in sync for the rest of the day, usually.

I have always been a night owl so finding this morning peace has been empowering to say the least.  I awake before everyone and reach down to grab my laptop that sits next to my bed and open it up.  Writing frees me.  It allows me to express the thoughts and ideas I have with my audience and helps me to better focus on the tasks I have for the rest of my day.


I always seem to find myself starting with my poetry blog.  I never fancied myself a poet, but the short, poignant structure, or lack thereof, frees me to express myself and my initial thought for the day while getting my mind flowing to what else I can write.  I don’t know how good or bad it is, but it is written and out on my blog, for all to see and read.  I write for myself and to express myself and my thoughts, but I do admit that I get excited when someone reads something I’ve posted and especially when they have made a comment.  I am only human.

I relish my quiet moments.  This world is so busy and full of noise and busy times. The quiet times are times of reflection which, in my humble opinion, are lost to some of those who just are determined to have it all and be it all.  My reflection today is this, take time for yourself.  Take time to reflect on the gifts you’ve been given and learn to enjoy the quietest times.  It’s there you will find your peace and tranquility.

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