Lord Help Me, Please!


When a boy has ADHD and he’s tired, a parent can get so frustrated. When you are both tired, it’s even that much more difficult.  It’s very difficult not to lose your cool, especially when he has already lost his!  My husband and I go through this on many days.  Our son is nearly 9 and is a victim of ADHD.  If he is tired, he is a roaring lion ready to fight the world, well, maybe not the whole world, just those of us in his immediate family who cross his path and tell him “no”.

Today is a prime example of such a day.  It’s definitely “another day in the life” of my family.  The springing forward an hour certainly didn’t help us this morning as we prepared for church.  We remembered, but we always find it difficult to go to bed earlier in preparation for the Spring time change.  This morning was no exception.

Waking up Liam was not exceptionally difficult, however, getting him to get dressed proved to be the first battle of epic proportions.  Socks.  Who knew that putting on socks and finding socks, for that matter, could be something that could make or break a morning. Well, this morning that is exactly where the battle began.  Once we accomplished that, with the help of my husband, myself and 2 of my daughters, we finally left to pick up my dad for church. When we got there, we were on time for the start, but there was a speaker from the Holy Land talking about his Holy relics and his venture to sell them in our vestibule after Mass to raise money for Christians back at home. Usually he comes once a year and speaks after the service.  Luckily for us, it was before our service this year.

Liam wiggled and whispered throughout the entire service this morning. He drove me nuts, as he sat next to me.  He thumbed through the hymnal and was disinterested in participating altogether.  Again, how am I supposed to pay attention and participate when I have the wild child with me? No, he usually is not this poorly behaved, but he didn’t have his medicine this morning. My fault.  Bad, lazy mom who really, really wants more sleep.  Grrrrrr… stupid time change.  I know I’ll be happy with the time change by the end of the week, but not today.  Why does it have to be in the middle of the night between Saturday and  Sunday anyway?  Why not Friday night? Just who exactly decided this anyway?

Again, I digress.  So, Liam behaved poorly and has to have a punishment.  When he doesn’t listen, he has a consequence and that’s after I have usually lost my tiny mind.  Oh, I do have patience, but this child with ADHD somehow gets beyond my last nerve and stomps on it.  He can be the rudest child I have ever met at times, but not usually.  The only thing I know to do is to take his prized possession away and send him to his room.  I praise him for his good behavior.  I reward him for good behavior.  I love him with my heart and soul.  I hate being bad cop and I hate losing my cool, but sometimes, just sometimes, I am very human.

Lord help me to be a good parent to this little boy.  I don’t like name calling, in fact, I abhor it.  I won’t call him names, but I do yell.  I do tell him I love him all the time.  When he knows I’ve been angry and he knows he’s still in trouble, he will tell me I don’t love him and it breaks my heart.  I do love him.  Lord help me to raise him to be a good man, somehow.  Help me to keep my cool.  Help me to keep it together and to stop yelling and to be an effective parent.  Lord, just help me! Please!

3 thoughts on “Lord Help Me, Please!

  1. So heartfelt! I loved every word. I am here for you! I’ve been through it twice as I have 2 boys with ADHD. Hang in there! All will be well.

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  2. I hear every word of this post in my heart, as I have a son with ADHD. Mine just turned 12. He still has his moments, especially if he misses meds, but things have finally settled in a bit. He’s embracing his creative side through music, drawing, and writing, which have redirected some of his energies, and he’d like to try out for track next year, which is another good use for that energy.
    Hugs to you, and may God bless your unique and wonderful son, who just happens to have a very active mind.


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