I Remember Mama

I knew it would happen someday, Mama, but I wasn’t ready just yet.

I remember all those little things you taught me along the way.

I remember baking cakes with you when I was very small,

How you’d let me lick the spatula and the bowl and all.

I remember reading books with you when I learned how to read.

How you’d teach me meanings of those words I’d never seen.

I remember as I learned new songs to play and sing to you,

How you’d sit and listen, and hum a note or two.

I remember graduation day, my hair and makeup done,

How you said you were proud of me, for all that I had won.

I remember my wedding day in my dress of snowy white.

How you beamed from ear to ear as I became his wife.

I remember each special moment, mom, that you were present for.

But now it’s time to say farewell, until we meet once more.

I know you are in heaven now because that’s where you belong

You gave your family everything and blessed up all lifelong.

Each day without you is a struggle, but always should you know

Your memories live within my heart for all the world to show.

Each painful day as people ask, ” how are you today?”

I’ll nod and think of what you’d do. I’ll smile and say “okay”.

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