I am Woman. Hear Me Roar.

As a wife, a mom and a nurse, it’s so difficult to think of myself as anything but ordinary, but there are those special moments that happen occasionally that make me feel like Superwoman. It’s rare, to be sure, but when they do, I feel so empowered by what has happened that I feel like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I know we all have those special moments, but if you are anything like me, you don’t like to boast about those rare moments that take your breath away over something you’ve done. As a wife and a mom, I’ve been so blessed to have many moments like this. As a nurse, it’s awesome when a moment like this happens, especially on a very busy, crazy day.

The first time I saw my child perform on the stage I performed on many, many times in my youth, my smile was so bright, I could probably have taken the place of one of the spotlights! My kids tease me and tell me that they always know it’s me from the broad, cheesy grin I have plastered on my face.  That’s okay with me. Little do they know or understand why it’s there.

You see, I stared performing on that stage at the age of 7.  I had my first piano recital in my pretty dress and performed a flawless rendition of “Sugar Cookies” and “Bunny Hops from memory.  Oh the thrill of getting it all right!  I had many other piano recitals on that stage and performed in excerpts from “Annie” with the high school girls when I was in 6th grade, then high school shows.  It’s home for me and performing in front of the crowd and doing it well made me feel like Superwoman, but those days are long gone. Now it’s my children’s turn.  The feeling is so much greater that putting it into words is difficult!

Whenever my children succeed at things in life, I feel like I’ve had some small role and I feel like a superhero.  I am Supermom!  Supermom — able to drive faster than a speeding bicycle, able to leap over a roaming cat in a single bound. Look, it’s a kid, it’s a dog, it’s supermom!

Nursing provides me with all sorts of superhero powers. I’m also Super Peds Nurse.  Working with people is what I do and kids have been my main source of patients for years.

When taking care of kids and their families brings such joy and accomplishment to my inner diva though. It’s this arena of my life that absolutely makes me feel like superwoman. I can’t explain how it feels to know that you have made such an extraordinary difference in a person’s life that they will always remember you more than the doctors or other nurses.  That feeling sticks with me always.  I am a humble person so I find it hard to write about and even harder to acknowledge.  We nurses are just built that way.

We, as nurses, went into this profession to help those who are sick and dying.  I’ve watched the very ill recover and I’ve seen those who I was just chatting with suddenly go into cardiac arrest.  I’ve held the hands of people as they’ve taken their last breath, so they wouldn’t die alone.  I’ve helped new life come into this world.  I’ve fought for patients’ rights to choose the best treatment. I’ve been their advocate, always.  I listen.  I always try to bring a smile to their faces, even when they are feeling so ill.  I usually succeed.

I have been asked to do so many different tasks in my 29 year career in this field.  I’ve learned so much about people.  I’ve worn so many different hats. It’s this that makes me feel like a superhero more than anything.  It’s the same feeling I get when I watch my children learn and accomplish new things.  I never thought of myself as anything more than ordinary.  I just do the things that have to be done and try to do what’s needed.  I suppose I do go out of my way to care for others, although I don’t really cook much anymore.  That’s a flaw of mine.  I used to be a great cook they tell me.

I don’t consider myself a superhero in any respect, but I sometimes feel like one, just for a moment.  I think we all need to have those moments to keep up grounded in reality.  We, as women, give of ourselves to others.  We are superwomen.  We are women and that’s what makes us the magical, nurturing, amazing, multitasking creatures we are! I am woman.  Hear me roar!


This is written as part of Finish the Sentence Friday.  It’s a linkup for writers and we literally finish the sentence each week.  Love this assignment! It’s like cool homework for me! Please check out what other readers have posted on http://www.FindingNinee.com for this week’s sentence “I feel like a superwoman sometimes because”. It’s great fun to read what everyone writes.

4 thoughts on “I am Woman. Hear Me Roar.

  1. What a wonderful thing to see your children on the stage that you performed on as a girl! Superwoman indeed! And I’ll bet that you’re an amazing nurse. Your care and dedication to helping people and making them feel better or decide on a treatment shines through. You are Superwoman. Thanks for linking up with Finish the Sentence!

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  2. Seeing your kids walk in the places you once did is so special. I love experiencing that with my daughter (and cry all the way through, of course).
    Nurses are absolutely superheroes. I’m related to a couple of the best (not biased at all) and when I see what they do, how they care, what support they provide…I’m in awe. So thank you to you also for your nursing powers!

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  3. Hi Deirdre – I love this post on SO many levels. I can only imagine how wonderful it is to see your children perform on the same stage you did as a child, and I had a beautiful picture in my mind of your big smile as you watched them.

    I was in hospital last weekend so on a personal level I have to agree that you (and all nurses) are ABSOLUTELY superheroes and I have huge, enormous affection and respect for every nurse everywhere. THANK YOU, on behalf of all your patients, for being so wonderful.

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