Hair and Makeup Moms Go Footloose


As moms, we see our kids having so much fun while, hopefully, working hard at the same time.  Those of us who are moms of theater kids have even more fun while sitting in the wings.  There are different kinds of moms in theater, but for the majority of us, the theater bug was created thanks to us, well, usually.  I know I performed on a stage from the time I was 7 years old and loved every moment.  Now it’s my children’t turn.  I’m at everything.

Theater can be a bug for sure.  I understand this.  There is something about getting up on that stage and being a part of something bigger than yourself.  It’s a feeling that you belong and that you are special.  For a lot of theater kids, they have struggled with feeling different or feeling like they don’t belong with the crowd.  Well, they are different.  They have a talent that is remarkable.  Not everyone can do what they do.  Theater, music, visual art… these are all part of something that those without those talents can’t seem to understand, but they appreciate them.

The arts are dwindling in schools all over our country which makes me outraged.  Kids need the arts.  Kids who are in the arts are so much more well rounded and have much higher scores on standardized tests.  They have learned to adapt and they see the world just a little differently than the average person out there.  We need the arts in our schools.

As a mom of these insanely talented artistic kids, I have spent a great deal of time with so many wonderfully unique theater kids whom I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to meet had my kids not performed in the high school musical for the last 6 years.  I am truly blessed beyond belief.

As I’ve told you in a previous blog, this year, the kids are performing Footloose and it’s amazing.  The time, focus and energy of these kids is incredible, but tonight, we moms are going to join in on the fun. We hair and makeup moms decided that since the majority of us were in high school or college in 1984, we can show up in our best 80’s regalia and show these young whippersnappers how it’s done.

When the movie came out, I was a sophomore I think.  My husband was a senior and never saw the movie! I know, how is that possible! We will be fixing that soon. I wish very much I could fit in my high school clothes, but since that isn’t happening, I am looking at big, spiky hair, since it’s now short, shoulder pads, neon bright colors, and baggy clothes.  I can’t wait!  Now if I can find some leg warmers…

We let the other mom crews know.  They didn’t come as festively dressed but that’s okay.  There’s always tomorrow. I’m the one wearing the tie-dye. The kids thought we looked crazy but we didn’t care.  We just went with it and had a blast!

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