Time Travel Back and Forth


Getting ready for a vacation can be stressful, but it’s also filled with the anticipation of good times and an escape from the everyday humdrum life we lead. At times I wish I could just blink and be there already, sort of an ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ moment. Other times I wish I could relive my past holidays but take my family with me. I guess I would need to have a ‘Back to the Future’ vacation for that to happen though.

If only I could meet Doc Brown and Marry McFly and travel through time in the DeLoreon, I think the first place I would go is back to the Ireland of my youth. The thing is, I’d would want my husband and kids to go there too. I loved those holidays more than anything. Sure, we worked on my grandparents farm, but it was good, honest work. I learned so much about the small farm and what it took to run it. I had a place there. I fed the chickens, helped with the milking of the cows, made haystacks, cooked, made butter, collected eggs, and washed clothes by hand. Honest, hard work. But it was fun! We were together with my cousins and my grandparents. I wish my children had that experience. Those were the years of 1970’s through 1985.

I would use that DeLoreon, van sized, of course, often just to visit the places I’ve been with my family as a child, but you know, I’d like to see the future too, just a little bit. I think I’d travel to 2036 to see what my kids are doing. By then they should be settled into careers and have families of their own. I will be 66, God willing, if all goes well and hope to be a grandma then. By then, my oldest 3 should be established in their careers–  one nurse, one doctor and one graphic or digital artist and my son will hopefully be an engineer if he keeps up that line of thinking and doesn’t change his mind 10 times along the way.

I want to see in this magical future, 20 years from now, if my house  is finally clean. Where do my kids live? Who have they married? Did they get married? 2 We’re my husband and I finally able to lose our flab and become healthier? What dogs do we have? Did my brother get married?

So many questions I never really thought of because I’m always thinking about today and the immediate future. It’s difficult for me to look past what’s happening now. I look to the past and think about the future but now, I believe I’ll think about it just a wee bit more. My kids are growing so fast.

This fall, 2 will be at university and I’ll just have 2 at home. That concept blows my mind. Where did that time go? How did it go by so fast and when did I blink? I don’t remember blinking and telling them they could grow up. I’m proud of each of them though. They will do well I know as long as they follow they’re hearts. I don’t need a time machine for that.


This is written as part of a link up for Finish The Sentence Friday. This week our sentence starter was “Marty McFly and Doc Brown’s DeLoreon are giving me a ride and we’re traveling to the date…” There are great reads there. Just go to http://www.FindingNinee.com and have a look for yourself.

7 thoughts on “Time Travel Back and Forth

  1. That’s so true..we often only think about the upcoming week or month. To think about our future Grandchildren is exciting!


  2. I love that you’d go back to life on the farm. I’ve often thought about making my kids help out an Amish family for a week, but how do you do that? “Excuse me, Amish guy, do you mind if my kids stay with you for a week so you can raise them with things like discipline and being grateful for what little they do have because I can’t seem to do it at all for the life of me and I’m half the parent you expect of me? Please?” And if they were to make me do it with them? Um, nevermind. I need internet.

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