And So It Begins…


Walking into the condo for the first time alone, knowing I am the first of our family to be here since mom’s death was more than difficult. The anticipation kept me awake and cranky, as if 4 excited kids weren’t already doing that, on the last leg of our 24 hour drive yesterday. Not having the comfort of my husband here to hold me was excruciating. I wanted nothing more than to collapse in his arms and fall apart, but I had about 4 minutes to wipe my tears and get my happy facade back up and plastered firmly on my face.

It’s the first Easter without mom. Not only that, but I’m here alone with 4, count them, 4 crazy kids! We stopped once for dinner which took 1.5 hours so we only stopped for gas and potty breaks the remainder of our trek to paradise. Just for emphasis, again, me and 4 kids! Mom would be impressed after telling me I was mad as a hatter!

I am impressed that no one was injured but there were several moments along the way that got a bit, well, interesting. First, 3 kids belong to me, ages 18, 14 and nearly 9. My extra kid will be 18 on Thursday. Conversations are always unique and my youngest has become wise beyond his years with such an age gap. If we heard it once, we heard it a thousand times, Liam thinks and 18 year old classmate of the older two is “hot”. He informed us of many things such as this and let’s just say, I’m not sure he’s safe to release in public. I’m not sure he has a filter anymore after this car trip.

The more tired this lot became, despite the fact that they all slept, the weirder the conversations became. I told them all just to please “shut up, shut up, SHUT THE HECK UP”! Well, it may not have been heck at that point.

The oldest 2 graciously took charge unloading the van, going shopping for groceries and making dinner. The only problem was, they forgot to take ‘the boy’. I needed sleep after not sleeping. I calculated that I slept 30 minutes in 30 hours. As I attempted to sleep, my darling son said, “mom, stay awake. You can’t fall asleep. No one else is here.”  the words I used were more than likely not something very nice, but I was trying desperately to explain my plight to the little lad. He wanted none of it. Grrrr… I finally got some blessed sleep.

Today will be day two of our great adventure. I still feel sleep deprived, but perhaps I’ll take a nap! I can do that here. For now, I have 4 sleeping kids and quiet time for myself. Life is beautiful.

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