On Gratitude


There are many things I am grateful for in my life, least of which is my family. But today I want to stop for a moment and write about the little things I’m grateful for. I’m always talking about my family because my love for them is so immense, but sometimes we need to “stop and smell the roses” as it were. We all need to learn to appreciate the little things we have been given.

As you know, I’ve been under the weather this week, but I’m not letting that stop me from enjoying the beauty surrounding me. I’m in southwestern Florida for goodness sakes! Beauty surrounds me! I look outside and I see palm trees of every variety, luscious, green grass, blue skies, birds with long bills and flowers of red and purple and white. The sun is so lovely and warm in my skin when I am out there sitting by the pool or sitting at the beach.

I know I can’t do the things I would normally do on my holidays, but I am so grateful to just simply be here and to have the warmth of the Florida sun. I’m grateful for our church being close by. I say it’s our church when really it’s my parent’s church, or rather my dad’s. I’m grateful that in was able to be there Easter Sunday, even though it was packed and we had to sit on the floor or stand at the back. And we were early!

Those are all big things I’m grateful for. I’m very blessed, you see. I have things that others do not have. I try to share what I have with others on a regular basis. I teach my children to do the same.

We have a home and food and beds to sleep in. They have excellent schools to attend. We have clothes on our back. There are those people who don’t have those things in this world. I’m grateful for opportunities to share what I have with others. I won’t say we are by any means wealthy. We are not. But it will not stop us from sharing what we have with those who do not have.

Teaching our children to give is very important, but the way schools teach charity doesn’t seem to work. Charity begins at home. I’ve taught my children to feed the less fortunate, to clothe them and to give them something they truly need. They’ve seen the faces of those people and seen their appreciation. In school, they pay a dollar for a jeans day to raise money for something or bring in a canned food for the food bank. They never see the result of their charity. That is not truly teaching them charity, is it?

I’m grateful that I’m able to be here for my family and to teach them charity. I’m grateful to see charity being performed by my children. I’m so happy that some lessons I’ve taught them rubbed off.

It’s the little things in life that matter. We all need to remember that in the big picture, the small things will be what We remember the most. Make the most of the day and be grateful!

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