Loneliness at the Gas Pump


She went to fill the car.

She needed her coffee too.

She heard the two men talk about the new shaver.

Had he used it yet? No, he needed to grow some whiskers first the elderly man replied.

He’s all yours now, the younger man said to the clerk.

Slowly, she readied the cup. She waited for him to come her way. She smiled a dazzling smile at this sweet, gentle man.

His eyes lit up. She said, “I have to have my morning cuppa, and I couldn’t find any this morning. I think the kids threw it out.”

His eyes danced and his smile broadened. Someone to chat with. Someone who took time out of their day to talk to me, he thought.

It lasted just a few minutes, but the impact for both of them was to last forever. Just a few moments can mean so much to someone.

Loneliness can last a lifetime.
This is a Daily Prompt for Refresh because I find it freshing in the world of such hustle and bustle. It’s also part of my daily writing challenge.

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