Precious and Few


Often we don’t notice how quickly life passes by. I’ve learned to take notice of the little things and appreciate the small things in my life. Here is a poem written about those precious little things in life. Enjoy! DAILY PROMPT


Precious and few are the things we hold dear.
Children laughing and playing.
Birds sweetly chirping their morning calls.
Father’s stories of long ago.
Mother’s photos, her shoes, her purse.

Precious are the memories we share with those we love.
First kiss, first love, prom.
Wedding day, a vision of loveliness.
The birth of babies, first days, months, years.
Each day lasts forever, but years last only moments.

Our precious times are few of not shared with each other.
Memories last longer if shared.
Those memories become our histories and will be all that’s left when we leave this world.
Precious is our family. Precious are our true friends.
They will keep our treasured memories safe.
Together, we will create our precious histories.

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