My Sweet, Funny Boy

I am one lucky mom.  Not only do I have 3 wonderful, amazing daughters, I was blessed with this incredible little boy almost 9 years ago.  He dazzles me with his wit and adorable smile while driving me 20140817_203101absolutely crazy at the same time.  Boys are the strangest of creatures I have found.  They are not only the most loveable, cuddliest creatures, they also are rough and tumble sorts who will fight with their friends over the weirdest things.

My little man loves to play hockey, baseball, soccer and football.  He loves to play video games, especially Mine Craft, which I will never understand.  He is still afraid of the dark and doesn’t want to sleep alone.  He loves animals, loves music, refuses to learn the piano.  He’s headstrong and stubborn as a mule.  He’s soft hearted and kind to others, most of the time.  He sticks up for the underdogs.  Overall, he’s one great kid, but he has his issues too.

He suffers from ADHD which is enough to make any parent a little crazy and any teacher a saint in my book.  You see, a child with ADHD is a child who has a hard time focusing on anything that is not really interesting to him, AKA any subject in school with the exception of PE or recess or lunch.  Even those things he wants to do his way because he might have his own way that works for him, but he will follow the rules. Thank God my child is a rule follower. He has respect for his teachers!  Hallelujah!

For Liam, he’s good at school and he’s a smart kid.  He has meds and his meds help, but we are trying an experiment at the moment.  When we went on vacation, we didn’t take the meds with us.  I wanted to see my child without meds for the week.  Guess what!  He did alright!  I think he may be learning to control his focusing issues.  The reason I did this was because I wanted to see first, how he was during the day, and second, how he was without the nightly crashing caused by the meds wearing off.  It’s tough on him and I know that, not just as his mom but also as a nurse.

I love this little enigma of a child more than the world itself.  As long as he is active, and we keep his brain active and interested, he is alright.  Maybe not great yet, but alright.  It may not be time to take him off the meds just yet while he’s in school, but he’s getting there.  As his mom, I just want the best for him.  I try to focus on the positive things he does and not the negative things he does or the things he doesn’t do that I want him to do.  He’s learning to make choices and learning consequences for his actions.  Only he can do that.  I can’t do that for him.

I want so much for this child, just like I want so much for all my children.  Liam is my baby and he’s my only boy.  He is so very different from the girls and let me tell you, from all I’ve heard from other mothers of boys, he’s a very normal boy.  They are genetically programmed to do strange things.  They do things like run around the house stark naked, go outside with no shoes on all the time, believe clothing, shirts in particular, are optional, eat everything, especially boxes of cereal, and they are filthy all the time.  They also get over things much faster than we girls do.  If boys get upset with each other, they’ll settle it with a punch or just agree to disagree and it’s over and forgotten about just like that.  How does that work?  We don’t do that, ever.

For our holiday, I had the opportunity to observe what it would be like to have an 18 year old and an 8 year old as sons.  The two had a few spats, but just like that, it was over!  Liam thinks of Michael, my 18 year old daughter’s boyfriend, as his awesome big brother.  I have to say, taking Michael on our trip was amazing not just for Clare, but for all of us.  Liam was in heaven having him around, and so was my 14 year old daughter, Katie,  who also sees him as a big brother.  So much fun and bonding was done by my little troop.  I could never have dreamed or asked for more.  Yes, boys are from a different planet, but I’m so glad to have them around, especially my Liam and my husband, Jim.  Without my husband, I wouldn’t have my boy and my world wouldn’t be complete.





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