I Write Because…

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I love to write.  I just can’t help myself.  I find myself at the keyboard wondering “what shall I write about” and Boom! there it is.  I just find something that I want to write about or I find a daily prompt and once started, I have to finish.  Sometimes it’s poetry, sometimes it’s one of my family’s musings or perhaps just something that I find interesting.  Whatever the case may be, I have to write.

Writing to me is an outlet.  It’s a form of communication that I’ve been using ever since I learned how to spell.  Spelling was always my best subject in grade school and now, well, I’m still writing.  I used to get in trouble when I was little.  I would go off crying to my room and I would inevitably look for my Winnie the Pooh to wipe my tears after a good cry.  I’d tell him how I’d been wronged and after we had a good chat I would see the error of my ways and always, always write an apology letter to my mom.  It would read something like this “Dear Mommy, I’m so sorry for making you mad.  I promise not to do it again.  Please forgive me.  Love, Deirdre”.

I’ve written many letters over the years.  I’ve still got letters from my husband from when we dated in high school and college, but he doesn’t have my love letters.  I just love the written word.  It’s so powerful.  My mother always told me to be careful what you write.  Be sure that you don’t hurt anyone with your words because once it’s on paper, you can’t take it back.  Very good advice I’ve always lived by.

I write to tell stories.  Our stories become our histories.  It’s how our generation will be remembered by the next ones.  I always wanted my mother to write her stories down, but she didn’t.  Now, I have to remember them because she was called home by God last November.  She didn’t have the chance to write them down.  That was what she had planned to do this year.

I write to express my feelings.  When we feel joy, what better way to express that than to write. The same goes for sadness, anger, in the right context without hurting anyone. I usually write poetry to express my feelings.  I used to write poetry all the time then I sort of got away from it.  I’m writing it daily now and I’m feeling empowered and refreshed just in the act of writing it.

I write for the sheer joy of writing.  Writing to me is not a chore.  Writing to me is like breathing.  I just hope that some people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing my ideas with the world.  My daughter, Katie, asked if I was trying to become internet famous.  I told her no, but wouldn’t that be wild if that did somehow happen?  I don’t think I write that well, but I do enjoy seeing that there are people reading my posts and enjoying them.  I want to share my love of writing with the world.  I especially enjoy seeing where everyone is from and reading everyone else’s posts.

These are a few of the reasons I write.  How about you?  What are your reasons for writing?  What do you enjoy about my writing?  Please share any comments with me.  I love that connection with everyone.


This is written as part of a link up to Finish the Sentence Friday. This week’s sentence was ‘I write because…’. Head on over and view the rest! They’re always a blast to read! http://www.FindingNinee.com

17 thoughts on “I Write Because…

  1. I really enjoy your writing. You aren’t pretentious or trying to prove something. You share your journey and your experiences openly and honestly and I really appreciate that. And you do write well enough to become internet famous! 😀

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  2. Writing for the sheer joy of writing is a wonderful feeling. Writing so you can look back on the experiences of your life and remember them in far more detail than were they unrecorded, is awesome.

    And writing to connect, is perhaps the best thing ever.

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  3. That letter from your childhood is sweet. I love a good old love letter too.
    Also, you are right about writing to preserve a memory. My grandparents had things to say and I wish they had written too. I would like to write a story for them, now that they can’t, from my memories of them.

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  4. I love that you expressed yourself in letter writing. I’ve always been the same way. I always say, I write better than I speak. My 10yo son has taken to letter writing and I encourage it too with the same advice your mom gave you. I’m so glad I stopped by. Enjoyed your post!

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