Technology Woes


Having 2 blogs is so much fun, but sometimes it can drive me crazy.  While one is simple and easy for me to use, the other one seems easy enough to use, but I try and try to make it more user friendly.   I seem to fail every time.  Just trying something little.  Nope, I just seem to make it worse.

I think it’s all the language that I simply don’t understand.  I’m a very busy mom who loves to write.  I need to write and when I try so patiently to fix up my blog, I seem to only get so far and then, Bam! I’ve only messed it up a little bit more.

Last night was no exception.  I tried so hard for well over an hour to figure out how a person is supposed to put a like tab onto my poetry blog.  It has a place for comments, which I have nothing to speak of, but I want a place just to simply like a post.  I am so frustrated.  Just some random thing like this seems daunting and makes me crazy.


And so endeth my rant. I will figure this whole web page thing out eventually. I know it takes time and patience. I do wish more people would at least comment though. Writing poetry is fun but also work. It would be much more encouraging if I knew what people liked about the poems. For now I have to be content that anyone visits at all. At least that’s something!


If you d like to visit it, it’s thanks!

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