I Should Be Sleeping

empty page
An empty page just waiting for me!!  Nirvana!

Most people are sleeping at this hour of night.  Well, with the exception of those working night shift or those working evening shift, like I used to.  Regardless, I should be sleeping, but I’m not.  I have to be up and alert in a few short hours and what do you think I’m doing?  Oh, yes, most logically, I’m writing.  I just had to sit up in my bed, grab my laptop, scold the cat for getting on top of the hamster’s cage and write.

Yes, I do realize it’s 2AM, but my brain doesn’t seem to care.  The words just need to come out and be here, on this screen.  I have this compulsion to get the words to leave my brain via my fingertips and write at these very inconvenient times of day (or night).

This is the life that just is for me.  I have this addiction to writing, I suppose is what you might call it.  I just have to get the thoughts out and share them with blogland.  Since starting my blog, I have to tell you that I am humbled by those of you that have followed me and actually take time to read these random thoughts that flow freely onto the computer screen.  I do always write from my heart and I want to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am that you, yes, you, the one sitting there looking at your phone or computer screen, perhaps that’s a tablet of some sort, but you never the less, have taken time to get to know me through my blog.

cool night time pic
I should be counting stars or sheep instead of writing!

I guess this is also not only a thank you letter to you, but also a sort of follow up to my previous blog of why I write.  You see, I have to get my thoughts out, regardless of what time it is.  If I waited until morning, like some of the more sane people might, this would be completely different than it is right now.  I read in another blog about why we write that we write because we think and see the world in words.  We are words.  This is true for me.

The sun will rise and I’ll want to be sleeping, darn it!

I’ll take it one step further and let you in on a secret.  Speaking, I don’t always have the words flowing well, but with my writing, the world of words comes tumbling forth and I don’t stumble on them like I do in person.  I don’t get anxious when I’m writing.  It’s a true blessing for me.  At least I hope I don’t sound stupid when I write.  I always feel rather stupid when I talk, especially to people I don’t know very well.  There is my secret.

Anyway, my lovely readers, I thank you so much for taking the time and reading my blog.  It truly means the world to me.  Just ask my husband!  He’d be glad to tell you.  I’m always looking to see if there are any views on my 2 blogs.  This one always outdoes my poetry page, but I’m still trying to figure out how to make a like button on there.  No one ever leaves me a comment either!  So, if you want to see my subpar poetry, visit sometime.  It’s at http://www.myblogoflife.com and leave me a comment.  I get really, really excited if anyone but my hubby leaves me a comment on there, which no one ever does!!


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