Insomnia Strikes Again


Well, here it is 4AM and I have yet to sleep, again!  So, to pass the time, I decided to write.  This usually helps calm my mind and lets me finally get some sleep.  I tried writing a couple poems on my other blog, but that hasn’t helped me shut my eyes and turn my brain off yet, so here I am, sitting up in my lovely bed with my lap top open and typing once again.


I’ve decided to make a list of 25 things that bring me great joy. I think with all the negativity in this world, especially with the media always giving us more depressing news, it’s important to bring in joy and kindness into our lives.  So, just to jump start everyone off, here is my list of joy! Hope you get inspired to think about what brings you joy, be in big or small.  Sometimes the smallest things are the best!

  1. Morning cup of coffee brought to me in bed.  This is best when brought to me by Hubs or the Boy.  Yes, at nearly nine, he makes a mean cuppa java.
  2. Noosa honey or pumpkin yogurt.  It’s the best yogurt in the world.  I have to have it at least once a day.  It’s really that good. And the variety will knock your socks off!
  3.  Writing on my blogs.  Well duh!  If I didn’t love blogging, I wouldn’t do it.  Sometimes I don’t have a clue what I’m going to write until I sit and start to actually write, but it is sheer joy to me.
  4.  Likes and comments on my blogs.  This just makes me giddy.  And you should see what new followers does to me!  Ask Hubs!
  5.  Waffle Cone ice cream.  It’s just that good!
  6.  Hubs.  He is the best and puts up with me on a daily basis.  I really don’t have a clue how he does it, but I am so thankful that he does.  I’m a lot to handle most days!
  7.  My kids. Each and every day with them is a blessing.  Even when they drive me crazy, they are still unique and watching them grow up is a privilege.
  8.  Knee length black knit skirts.  They just go with everything and you can wear them all year round!
  9.  Chunky soft sweaters.  What better to wrap yourself in when it’s cold outside.
  10. Backrubs. Hubs is great at massaging those knots out of my neck and shoulders especially.  And I get them all the time.
  11.  Trips to Naples, Florida.  Can we say beach?  My favorite place on earth.  I really want to live there.  I even enjoyed their ER last visit.  I liked it way more than the one at home.
  12.  Trips to Ireland.  Family time!!!  Love spending time with my family there.  If there is a wedding then I get to see everyone.  Too bad that doesn’t happen all the time.  We all got married!
  13.  Seeing all my cousins.  We need to plan a reunion.  I miss everyone so much.  Time to talk to my big brother about that one.
  14.  Weekends in St. Louis.  More family and tons of fun things to do.
  15.  Hockey.  Especially my St. Louis Blues, baby!
  16.  Baseball.  Go St. Louis Cardinals! Love going to those games!
  17.  Seafood.  All the seafood, but especially lobster and crab.  I’m not that picky.  It just has to be fresh and tasty and have butter involved!
  18.  Family dinners.  I love when my dad and brother eat with the 6 of us.  It just feels more complete, even though mom is no longer with us.
  19.  My sister-friends.  These are the friends I choose to call sisters because I’m lacking in the sister department and I believe God just decided to give them to me a little later in life.
  20.  Fur babies.  We have currently got a houseful and I wouldn’t know what to do without all of them. Work they may be, but the love you get in return is immeasurable.
  21.  Baby squirrels and bunnies to rescue.  Although they might not always make it, I believe God places them in our hands to give them another chance at a little love and care, just in case.  If anyone can save them, we can.  We currently have Dexter who we have to give calcium supplements to in order to save his life and help his bones to heal.  Yes, he is an approximately 10 week old squirrel.
  22. My faith.  Without it, I’d never be able to get through all that I have been through, especially the last 6 months.  They’ve been the roughest, toughest months of my life. God is always by my side carrying me through the toughest times.
  23.  My dad and my brother.  My dad is the smartest and most generous man I know.  My brother is just like him.  It’s just the 3 of us now and the madness of my house.
  24. Sunshine.  Nothing feels better than sunshine on my skin.  Don’t worry, I wear sunscreen, but I love the warm kiss on my face and arms.
  25.  My garden.  My place of joy.  I’ve worked hard to make it beautiful and do something new to it each year.  This year I will plant some new roses.  One special one for my mom and one for my neighbor who passed away around the same time.  One I will plant just for me.

night sky

So there is a list of some of my joys in life.  I could go on, but that would be too wordy and I might actually be a little sleepy.  Sleep well and pleasant dreams for those of you heading to bed.  Good morning for those of you waking up! Whatever time of day it is in your part of the world, have a great day.

8 thoughts on “Insomnia Strikes Again

  1. I’m sorry that you couldn’t sleep but making a list of things you love is a great way to pass the time in those quiet hours. Awesome idea! I love backrubs almost more than anything and I just signed my son up for baseball! I hope he loves it. It’s opening day on Saturday 🙂

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