Bane of My Existence

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Cleaning.  I loathe cleaning.  I have been working on our room with Hubs today and I’m not sure just what happened to it to get it to this form of gross!  We’ve pulled out furniture and swept in closets, thrown out clothes no longer in good repair and donated others to charity.  Since when did we begin to live like this? Oh, I remember, working too many hours and being too busy to function. images (11)

Regardless, we’ve been busy cleaning the bane of my existence.  I also do happen to live with kids.  As you may also have this problem in your house, kids seem to be the epitome of messiness.  They seem to have very little sense in the realm of tidying up after themselves.  It seems to me that the trails of garbage is found where they were last seated.  I find this especially true of my younger ones and sometimes Hubs, but not as often.  It’s as if they intend to throw out the rubbish but it just doesn’t quite make it there.

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Hubs is normally quite good at tidying up, but occasionally I find rubbish in interesting places you wouldn’t expect to find it. For instance, he loves flat surfaces, but c’mon, who doesn’t feel compelled to fill those lovely flat surfaces with piles of papers or stacks of whatchamacallits! His favorite spot to fill is just above the cooktop.  It’s meant for decoration which I try to keep tidy, but inevitably, I find receipts, wallet and bits and pieces of all sorts placed there by himself for safe keeping. God save me!
My oldest two can be very tidy and my second one is always complaining of the youngest never doing a thing when it comes to their room, the trash heap, as I lovingly refer to it.  I just keep the door closed as if not, I may go in with my trash bags and just get rid of everything and set off a grenade so we can just start from scratch again.  Next year should be interesting with the second one going off to school. It will be up to #3 to keep the room spic and span all on her own.  I won’t hold my breath.  I believe I’d be dead too quickly!

My son, well, natural born enigma.  He will generally help me clean anything, but his room is ridiculously messy as he also has no idea how to take his clothes off his body and step two feet away to place them into the hamper provided for him.  I recently bimages (4)ribed him and said he couldn’t do something that he really wanted to do if he didn’t pick up his clothes first.  It worked.  Hallelujah!  I love bribery more than any other parenting technique in the books.  Absolute favorite because it works better than any of the other techniques on this kid! Today, he and his friend decided to play inside.  Ha, not having that one on this beautiful day.  My bribe? Well, if you stay inside, you will have to both clean.  No choice about it either.  Suddenly, the door closed and both boys were outside.  And there was peace.

So, I know in the realm of cleaning and having a clean home, I’m no different than any other mother.  I certainly wouldn’t win any awards from Better Homes and Gardens but that’s really okay.  As much as I might complain, I love having my home filled with all the love and craziness that comes from having 4 kids and being the neighborhood epicenter of excitement.  Granted, having a hockey game equipped with a goal in my living room, not so much, but I love each of my kids and all the kids that come over.  Kids are fabulous creatures and seeing how they all interact with each other is fantastic.  One day my house will be clean but also very quiet as Hubs and I will be just alone in our big house waiting for grandbabies to fill our laps.  For now, I guess I’ll live with the mess and they’ll have to live with me always getting after them about picking it up!

5 thoughts on “Bane of My Existence

  1. nice write up, one of the few things that make me not look forward to getting married and kids is the messiness because i can be a maniac at times and lets say wake up at 2 am to clean up, but i can stay in a messy place too if i want too and am alone, the presence of another person makes the mess unbearable so i turn into some cleaning maniac, and that depresses me! at the end of the day the beauty of family and great people is worth cleaning up all the mess and being frustrated once in a while!

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