Great Day to Be Alive

loveI’m sitting here typing in my bed at the moment. What a good day although I don’t recall most of it. I had a procedure that went very well today. It amazes me, even though I’m in the medical field, what progress medicine has made in the last 30 years. I’ve been in this wonderful field all these years but the progress is incredible!

Just today, I had excellent care by excellent nurses and doctors. In fact, my anesthesiologist was a friend of ours so we chatted about our soon to be graduatingdaughters.we talked about their plans for the future and how many games he would be attending at Notre Dame since his daughter will be at university very close by to pursue nursing. We talked about how my daughter will be attending St. Louis University to study pre-med. I felt completely safe in his hands.

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Knowing and having complete faith in my doctor, was another thing that put my heart and mind at complete ease. My gastroenterologist is a very personable and confident man with an excellent reputation. He explains things very well and just has that way about him so that you know you are in good hands.

Having faith both religious faith, like I have, and faith in your providers makes everything so much better. Going to sleep with the ‘milk of amnesia’ I had no worries or concerns, just confidence. I’ve never had this lack of concern before. Its really cool!

So overall, the draining of My pancreatic cyst, 20 ml in all, and the taking of multiple biopsies went well. My doctor is confident in everything and he’s the expert in this field. Its been an amazing day to be alive even though I’ve slept through much of it. Hubs has been great. The pain isn’t terrible thanks to pain meds. I am blessed, truly blessed!

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