When Friends Count

images (16)Lately, I’ve been feeling very down.  I know it’s not unusual for me to get this way but this time it’s been for a multitude of reasons.  If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I’m a ridiculous worrier.  I worry about things and overthink everything.  Even when writing, I worry if anyone is really interested in the things I write.  Does anyone actually care?  I tend to write from my heart and my life experiences, so it makes me wonder is my life really interesting to anyone besides the people that know me?

I can tell you, it’s been rough lately.  I look at the numbers of those that visit my blogs.  I have the poetry blog and realize that not only do most people not visit it, no one ever comments on it, not even my Facebook friends.  Some of the poetry is good in my opinion and I will admit, some of it is, well, not particularly exciting.  If I’m lucky, I may have 5 or 6 people visit it on a good day.  I feel like quitting.  Then there is this blog.  My main blog. This is where I pour out my heart and soul and tell the world what’s on my mind.  I have a goal.  I have some followers.

images (55)I have those that read my blog and some leave me comments.  One has definitely become my friend.  She lifts my soul when I feel like I should just throw in the towel.  Trulyunplugged is her name on here and she is an amazing author.  I know her as Truly.  Her comments are encouraging and incredible.  She raises my spirit and actually, this morning, she brought tears of joy to my eyes.  I can’t tell you what her friendship means to me.  She lightens my heart, always knows the right thing to say and encourages me to continue writing when I think that no one really wants to read what I have to say.

I have a few friends that I know that always read my blogs that have been friends of mine for years.  They are on facebook and I love when they comment that they’ve enjoyed what they’ve read.  I love making that connection with people.  I love seeing that people have read and liked what they’ve read, but even more that what I’ve written has resonated with them somehow.  It’s all part of being human.  We all need to make connections with others.

So, I guess I’m no different from anyone else, I just feel it more than some, I suppose.  Thank you all for those of you who read my posts.  Thank you for liking and commenting.  I learn more everyday and I will persist.

6 thoughts on “When Friends Count

  1. Very nice poem. I understand your worry. We all love when people read what we write and make comments but its very hard on the web to get other people’s attention. You have to work very hard and study how to get people more interested in your work. It can be very frustrating but persistence pays; joining challenges, participating in blogging university courses, knowing how to write posts that incite comments. All these come with time. Courage as with time things will be okay.

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  2. Oh, Deirdre….you brought tears to my eyes…what a beautiful, beautiful soul you are….it touched me that you expressed your gratitude, especially in light of the fact that you’ve lifted my spirits so consistently….I am humbled by your kind regard…and, yes, my name really is Truly….and, I am so grateful to call you my friend…thank you for being you! 🙂

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      1. I think I understand how you feel, because you are such a blessing for me as well…I love that we can be so open about how much our connection means to us…we can wear our hearts on our sleeves with each other….and, feel good about it…secure….perhaps we will meet one day….but, one thing I know for sure, our connection is not diminished by virtue of geographic limitations. And, if there is any thing in particular you would like me to read (ie. a favoured poem), please direct me to it… 🙂

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