You Want to Borrow What?

download (18)Borrowing is such an interesting word.  We may borrow material things, like a book or a dress, or we may believe we live on borrowed time.  We may borrow words, like when we quote someone.  We may borrow a person to help us with something.   In my house, there are three girls and, of course, myself.  We borrow clothes from each other, and shoes.  Ah, the great shoe borrowing.

My eldest daughter will borrow clothes from her sisters.  She will borrow makeup or makeup brushes from them as well.  No one can borrow shoes from the eldest.  Her shoes are always safe, but by the same token, she can not borrow any shoes from anyone else.

images (56)Number two is able to borrow clothes and shoes from everyone, except for the shoes from number one.  Makeup and brushes, from everyone again.  She really has the best of everyone in the borrowing department, however, she also seems to have the largest wardrobe and really prefers that no one borrow anything from her.  She’s always going off with one of my flowy shirts or a pair of my cute flats.  Don’t tell her I told you though.  I think it’s just part of being 18!

As for number three, she is the smallest of the girls and is completely happy with her own wardrobe and doesn’t feel the need to borrow anything from anyone, well, she may but on a pair of my shoes for running out to the car to get something and then never returns them to their rightful place.  She shares her makeup and brushes usually with number two for the most part and may occasionally borrow something, but it is rather unlikely.  Granted, she has unusual and unique taste in fashion, like short-alls with tights and a tank top (or “bro” tank, if you prefer”.

images (57)Then lastly, there is my son.  This little man has been known to swipe t-shirts from his sisters, his dad and my flip flops.  Number two and I could wear his shoes in a pinch, but he is a stinky nearly nine year old boy.  If it’s his flip flops, we may do it, but otherwise, ah, no thanks.

Even I will borrow my eldest daughters things on rare occasion.  Usually, I find that I’m “borrowing” my own things back!  It’s very different these days because my girl isn’t living at home and we have very different tastes in clothes.  It happens more if I find a t-shirt in the laundry and realize that it may be hers but it’s my size and I know that she isn’t living here at the moment so, I’ll just put it in my drawer if I might wear it.  Afterall, she doesn’t seem to be missing it! It’s actually only happened once and it was a Wicked t-shirt.  I’m not even sure that it’s hers.

Regardless, in every family, borrowing goes on.  I borrow my husband all the time for this or that.  I am borrowed to help children do this or that.  It’s not really about borrowing a person.  It’s about helping each other out.  We will continue to borrow material possessions from each other, but we will also continue to be there for each other always.  It’s just part of being a family.

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