Outlander in Scotland or Paris!


Imagine being transported back 200 years to a time without the luxuries of running water, indoor plumbing and bras and underwear? Can you imagine going back in time to the year 1745 and living in Scotland or Paris? You know, Paris, fashion capital of the world! If you are a fan of Outlander, the series, both in print and now on Starz, then you have read or watched this happen. This amazing transformation was so well written by Diana Gabaldon that you feel a part of the journey of Claire and Jamie Fraser.


The series starts off in 1940’s Scotland until Clare is unexpectedly transported back to 1743 Scotland. I won’t spoil the how’s of this but there she meets Jamie Fraser and is forced into marriage to save her own life.  There are differences between the book and the Starz series, but they are small. The actors are phenomenal and really as I’d pictured as I’d read the books.


I, personally, am a huge fan of this amazing series both on and off screen. I’ve read the books several times because the author, Diana Gabaldon is the most incredible story teller I’ve ever come across. Her wit and descriptive writing, as well as the story line and historical relevance keep you coming back for more. In fact, you can’t put the books down!


In part of the series, you find the main characters, Jamie and Claire living in Paris. Can you picture yourself there? If you watch the series, you can see Diana’s words transformed into visual images that are astounding! Such beautiful scenery and costuming! Imagine being transported to Versailles at the height of Court! Such dresses and finery! Wealth, tapestry, wigs and a very constipated king needing an audience for everything including having a bowel movement, or rather, trying unsuccessfully to poop! How about having the role of the king’s personal butt wiper! No thanks.


I could watch the series over and over just like I love to read the books over and over. Each time I reread the series, I learn that I’ve missed something else and forgotten others. If you’re looking for an excellent series I highly this one. It is my all-time favorite series. I have suggested it to so many and anyone who has read it falls in love with it and can’t put those books down either!

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