Oh Those Classes for New Employees


If you’ve started a new job for a fairly decent sized company, you’ve probably endured some classes on various topics. I know a thing or two about this as I’m currently in the midst of this endeavor. I have just started working for a wonderful company. I know I will enjoy my time working for such a forward thinking company who actually care about their employees. Today and for half of tomorrow, I am in the new employee orientation class.


So far, I have been impressed with many things the speakers have presented, but I believe in the mission of this company. I can see myself here for a very long time. Their focus is on providing excellent healthcare. This includes me. I’m part of a team and I actually feel like I belong here.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality health care to the people of central Illinois.

Our mission is supported by four core values supported at every level of the organization

Excellence in all that we do
Honesty and integrity
Fairness in our treatment of patients, employees, partners and referring physicians
Passion for the practice of medicine; compassion for those we serve.

Another aspect of the presentations today I found to be a wonderful touch was that the chief officers came down and spent about 30 minutes with us. They were laid back and informal in their approach. They explained who they were and what they did as well as shared stories and gave us a glimpse into the company’s future in a very informal way so that everyone attending could be engaged in a conversation. They also asked for questions and encouraged us to give opinions and suggestions. Never have I had this happen at another company.


Have you ever heard of the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle? They have fun at work despite working their tails off for 12-14 hours a day. They have a 4 step philosophy that makes those guys really want to work hard everyday. Yes, this was another part of our class today.  1. choosing one’s attitude, 2.playing at work, 3. making someone’s day, and 4.  being present. We talked about this at length and what is the most difficult one for each of us and why.


All in all, this was very informative and the most fun I think I’ve ever had in a work related class. I’m actually looking forward to tomorrow! So many great points made and I got to meet some really interesting and wonderful new employees just like me! 3 cheers to my new job and the job training so far. Many more things to learn, but I’ll get there!

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