Sharing with the World


When it comes to sharing online, we as a society have become a little, well, how do I say it? We over share. Not everything that happens in our lives needs to be online, but as humans we also have a need to share our lives with others. So, where do we draw the line? There are some rules and some things that should be rules.

Teenagers are notorious for over sharing online. I have seen this firsthand, as a mother of 3 teenage daughters! It happened twice. One time sharing too much affected my daughter negatively. Another time, another daughter was affected my her own comments made in anger that she regretted posting immediately after posting them. She tried to delete the comment but it was too late. The comment had been seen and spread like wildfire. All broken hearts made by hurtful comments eventually healed, but took a long, long time.


People have a tendency to share so much on social media. I love to look at my friend’s photos and read the inspiring things they write or share. What I can’t stand, however, is people posting negative comments or fighting online. The whole idea of spreading negativity and rudeness drives me crazy! Do you really need to, or want to air your dirty laundry online for all to see?

I do share quite a bit online, I admit, but I try to be very careful as well. I think before I write anything. I ask myself something that my mom used to tell me. She told me to ask myself several questions actually before I wrote anything. First, am I writing something nice and second, do you remember that once it’s written and read, you can’t take it back.


Words are a wonderful tool for expression.  They communicate our thoughts, our feelings and our hopes and dreams, but we have to be very careful in what we share with the world, especially on the Web! Too much, and we risk losing so much! Showing some care in what we share and what we write will perhaps help our world to be a little more positive in such a negative time.

This is a Finish the Sentence Friday post.  This week’s sentence was “Sharing on the internet…” hosted as always by the phenomenal Kristi at  Please visit her site and enjoy the other posts by my fellow authors on this subject as well as Kristi’s wonderful post.  I promise, you’ll be glad you visited!

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10 thoughts on “Sharing with the World

  1. So so glad you linked up with this – it’s really important advice. I’m also glad that your daughter who had the problems with her comment was able to figure it out and make it right – teens are impulsive anyway and it’s hard for them to get that this stuff is forever, even when it’s been deleted. We had similar conversations with my husband’s daughter -hopefully she’s learning too! Happy Friday, friend!

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    1. Exactly my thoughts. We had one phone number and I remember being allowed to be on it for 15 minutes at a time. No more than that. We all shared that phone. Life was so much simpler. I miss those days.


  2. Great advice for sure. I am always careful with what I share- often asking myself many questions before I put it out there. Sometimes I don’t think long enough and I’m impulsive, and that can often lead to regret. The online world needs to be navigated cautiously.

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  3. I find that the people who overshare in “real life” are usually the ones who overshare on social media. I enjoyed your blog and found you through the Finish the Sentence Friday. Happy blogging!

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