I Really Need to be Sleeping…


loveWell it is officially the middle of the night and here I lie, wide awake. I tried reading but just couldn’t get into the book. It still didn’t get me to sleep. Its no wonder I’m falling asleep at lunchtime. Thank Goodness for ambulation and sustenance to keep me going!

As I lie here onight, I’m thinking about the fact that I’ve been summoned to jury duty for our circuit court this week. I just started my job so this is something that causes me great stress and anxiety. The fact that I have to call everyday after 5pm and if not selected. Again the next day at 11:15am and be ready to appear by 1pm makes me anxious. Twice a day until called upon to serve. Really? Is that completely necessary?

The other aspect of this that I find stressful is that I haven’t a clue where to go!that always causes anxiety in me. My heart starts racing and my breathing becomes more rapid and sometimes. If I cant. Yuck!

There’s also the matter of missed work and possibility of being sequestered. That freaks me out! I just started and I want to do really well. If I’m not there. How will I learn what I need to so I may do my job correctly? Oh. And they pay is big money! $15/day. Yeah.  So worth my time to do my duty. Uh-huh.

I’m just blatheriny/g on and now I’m getting sleepy so I will sign off for now! Have a great night and day! Sweet dreams.

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