I Should Be Sleeping But…

Good middle of the night, my friends. I’ve actually gotten some sleep tonight but now I’m awake to chatter away. My problem is that, as usual, no one is awake to chat with so alas, here I am doing what I love the most, writing, in hopes that someone will read and enjoy my words.


I promise to be brief tonight as I’m hoping to be called back to my dreams. I wish we could somehow choose our dreams, kind of like a tv show. Wouldn’t that be awesome? If you wanted to dream of some far-off, exotic land, you could just think that and vòila! Imagine the imagery you could dream!


I’d still like to have fairies that came in and cleaned my house thoroughly and silently while we slept at night, too! If course they would do laundry because who actually likes doing laundry! Can you imagine how much time you would have if you had fairies for chores you hated!  Oh, wouldn’t that be fabulous!

I know I can’t control my dreams and I’ll never have house elves or fairies to do my housework. Major bummer. What I do have though is my family. My oldest daughter came home tonight for mother’s day weekend! Granted, she also came home to see her BFF, but the point is that she came home at least partially for me! That is one dream come true.


I’ve been dreading this weekend and it’s turning into a good one. I have 3 out of 4 kids home and the Not made me cry tears of joy with his mother’s day gift. Life is good. It may not always be easy, but there is always a silver lining.

6 thoughts on “I Should Be Sleeping But…

    1. Thanks so much Truly! I’ve been lacking in my skill department these last few days apparently it that’s what my views are telling me. I guess I’m sometimes not too interesting! Oh well. I’ll keep plugging along.

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      1. I find that social media can be a double-edged sword…a great opportunity for connecting and “meeting” way more people than you could/would otherwise–it can also feel like the equivalent of sharing something meaningful with someone, only to have them turn and walk away without comment. It’s not that you don’t have worthy things to share (and an awesome delivery), I think it’s the nature of social media…I equate it to those who would hang up if they dialed the wrong number, and those who would acknowledge the person who was reached by accident (as in, oh, so sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number). Not to say that you are a “wrong number”, but if people are looking for “something else”, they can be blind to the value of what they’ve stumbled upon…that’s just my take on it. 🙂

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  1. I use to be able to control pays of some of my dreams. It was awesome. I knew if I started to run and jump really long jumps I could jump over streets. If I run really fast and lifted my arms I would fly.. it’s been so long since I had a flying dream. I guess the reality of life keeps me at ground lately. I too have troubles to sleep.. it’s lovely to discover your blog through this community..

    Happy Mother’s day! Enjoy your kids around ♡

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