The Simple Days Gone By

I reflect back to simpler times. Times when all that was expected was to go to school and get good grades. Remember when that was stressful? Oh, to be young and naive again. Our parents expected that we do what they asked if us, our chores, our homework, eat with our mouths closed, tidy up after ourselves. Such a rough life we had, and yet, at that stage we knew nothing else!


Going to school for 6 hours a day was excruciating at best and we lived for holidays, in particular those beloved 3 months in the summer. We could play outside with our friends, all day from just after breakfast until suppertime. No one worried. Mom called me inside with a bicycle bell. It was the kind that honked and I could hear it )o the neighborhood. Everyone knew it was for me. After supper, I’d tidy up then back outside to catch lightening bugs. What a life.

We never know what we have until it’s no longer there. I miss those days. Now life is work. Granted, it could be so much worse. There are many that have no work. But the business of keeping up with family, the house, the bills, and making sure everyone has what they need can make your head spin.


There are times the family seem so unappreciative of all you do and other times they make everything so much better. Its those times that make life so sweet. Mother’s Day this year was one of those days for me. A day where my children knew it would be difficult because I would be missing my own mom, they made my day extra special.

These days with teenagers and a nine year old can be trying but are well worth it. I do long for simpler times with no electronics or cell phones, but when you can’t go back you have no other choice but to move forward. Enjoy each new day and wear a smile on your face. Each day is a gift and we aren’t promised another one.

3 thoughts on “The Simple Days Gone By

  1. Ahhhh! The good ol’ days…where have they all gone? This piece really took me back to my childhood. Thank you. Very beautifully written.


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