Love Surrounds Me


Nothing is better than having my children all home and to hear their laughter as they enjoy their time together. Today is one of those special days. My oldest daughters had an orthodontist appointment this afternoon so she drove the 2 hours to get here. After said appointment she came home.

Once everyone came home from school, the gathering happened around the piano. With one playing, then another joining in and everyone singing, the fun and laughter began. Everything from video game music to Funky Town was played and sung. Even the ukulele was played. The house was filled with joy and liveliness. Of only you could hear the laughter. They laugh until they practically fall out of chairs and per their pants sometimes.

I sit back and just enjoy their joy. It’s infectious. Just like them. They bring joy to my heart. They bring life to my soul. My life is so much richer because of them. Who would I be without my children? Who knows, but I know I certainly wouldn’t be the same as I am.

I am richer because of my children. I am better because I have them. I am crazier thanks to them, and I have less of a memory too. They are each such amazing individuals with their own unique talents and personalities, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, some days I might tweek a couple things but what parent wouldn’t of truth be told!

What gives your life joy?
What do your kids do that enriches your life?


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