Sleep Alludes Me Again

I should be sleeping but here I am, awake again. I’m thinking about my upcoming surgery tonight. I’m not frightened. Perhaps I should be, but alas, I have no fear. I am having a partial pancreatectomy with a splenectomy. In other words, the body and tail of my pancreas and my spleen will soon be removed. This is a very big surgery but not as big as it could be. 


It’s a big surgery and will out me in the hospital for several days. Not fun. The good part? No cancer. The bad part? Precancerous cyst, however, it was caught early and I had pain which is rare with tumors in the pancreas. Because of it’s size it must leave! It’s 3.8 cm. I’ve named it Ichibod and it’s time for Ich to vacate my body.

My surgery is in 2 weeks. I know I’m in great hands as I have total faith in my surgeon and his team. He specializes in the pancreas and I known him. He is kind, hard-working and an excellent surgeon. I’ve worked with him in clinic as well and when I went for my consultation, he stated he’s rather see me on the other side.

I’m in God’s hands. If this cyst had not been found now, it more than likely would have turned into cancer. God has a plan for me and it’s here, with my family. I thank God every day for my life and for the ability to be here with my family each day. I know things will be fine. This isn’t my first abdominal surgery. It probably won’t be my last. Each day is a new day to do more. Each day is a gift.


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