Daily Prompt: Healthy

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Ah to be healthy!  I was once a young and healthy kid.  I strive to be healthy since I won’t be that young kid again.  I have let myself go, as they say.  I won’t beat around the bush.  It’s stress that brought me here and bad choices on my part.  I love food.  I really love carbohydrates.  Just last night I was craving store-bought birthday cake.  Luckily for me, we didn’t go to the store to get any and it’s no one’s birthday.  It was the dog’s birthday on Friday.  Good thing we didn’t get him a cake!

As Americans, we seem to be getting bigger.  We are getting lazier and fatter.  we are not as healthy as a whole.  Sure, there are those people that exercise all the time, but they are the minority.  Sometimes it seems that the more wealth people have, the healthier they are as a whole.  Is this because they can afford the personal trainers and the exercise clubs?  They have more time to workout and take care of themselves, perhaps? Who knows?  Maybe they take more time to educate themselves on the importance of being healthy.  But I know the health risks, and yet, here I am, unhealthy.

I am sure that most of my problem is caused by stress.  Cortisol levels increase causing more fat in the belly area when we are stressed.  It sucks and I have definitely gone through enough stress in the last 6 months to  last a lifetime.  I guess I’m predisposed to fatness.  I hate it.  I was such a thin child.  I could eat anything and never have to worry.  Now, not so much.  I swear I could look at a piece of fudge and it will end up on my belly.

I have decided that enough is enough.  I am getting healthy.  I have watched some of the shows of “My 600 Lb Life” on TLC.  I won’t ever be that large, but the weight scares me.  My weight scares me.  I know how I feel at this weight and it isn’t a good feeling.  I’m tired. My joints hurt.  My feet hurt.  My heel spurs bother me.  My achilles tendons ache at the end of the day.  My back hurts.  I know all that I have to do is lose some weight. I’ve done it before.  In fact, I lost 80 pounds before.  Since my mom passed away, however, I’ve gained about 20 and before that, I had gained about 15-20. I refuse to let all that hard work go to hell.  It won’t happen.

So, now that I’m 40 pounds more than I was after working so hard to lose it, I will get back on track and I will lose more.  I want to lose 65 -70 pounds.  I will do it for health reasons.  I will never have that beautiful beach, bikini body that I once had.  I have flabby skin and will always have a tummy that hangs (thank you children). I can do this.  I need to do this for my health, my family and most importantly, for me.

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