While I Was Sleeping

Have you ever woken up abruptly just wished you could fall back to sleep?  It happened to me this morning.  I always wish I could finish my dream.  I always want to know how they end! Sometimes I imagine what the ending would be if I had my choice.  Sometimes I think I might know how it would end.  Sometimes I think, well, sometimes I just want to forget the whole thing.

While I was sleeping early this morning, I dreamt the most delightful dream.  I was absolutely healthy again.  My surgery was over and I was back to the old me.  I had even lost my excess weight.  I dreamt that I was thin, like I was when I was younger.  I dreamt that with the loss of my distal pancreas and spleen, I was finally feeling awesome again and somehow, as if by magic, I was somehow fully engaged in life again.  What a fabulous dream it was until I was woken up.

I was woken up abruptly when it was time to be a normal mom again.  It happens every morning.  I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I wake up at the same time all week.  It’s a chore to get the boy ready, as he rarely wants to get up easily any more.  He used to fly out of bed, but somewhere along the way this year, he started getting lazy in the mornings, just like the rest of us.

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I had a chance to lay down again later this morning.  I was off today, a blessing since I had pain today.  I fell fast asleep and slept hard.  Again, I had a vivid dream.  I was rudely and abruptly awakened by my daughter who informed me that my other daughter was stranded at school without a ride home.  After taking a few minutes to get myself together, I dragged myself to the van and went to get her.  All I can remember about that dream, is that it was fast-paced and oh so vivid.

We all have dreams both awake and asleep.  While I’m awake, I know what my dreams are, but while I’m sleeping, I dream of the things I think and dream about while I’m awake.  I know that we dream about the things that need to be worked out in our waking life.  Somehow, our dreams help our subconscious mind to work out our problems.  Isn’t that just the coolest thing!  I think so, but then again, I’m pretty weird in the things I think are cool!  I’m an eclectic nerd and I’m happy being who I am.

I also suffer with insomnia.  I would say from, but it’s more of something that is part of who I am anymore.  I never know when it will strike me.  I may have 3 nights in a row where I sleep then 4 nights where I’m up for hours on end.  I never know what will happen when I lay my head down on the pillow.  I just always know I’m tired at night, until I lay down.  I love to dream and look forward to those moments of blissful sleep.  Alas, that evil entity, insomnia keeps me from those lovely dreams quite often.  My hope?  That this will one day pass.  What did you dream last night?  or today?  Not everyone has normal sleep hours.

This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post.  It’s hosted this week by Kristi of Findingninee.com and myself!  Check out Kristi’s site for more great writers!  You won’t be sorry!

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10 thoughts on “While I Was Sleeping

  1. I love your graphic…so THAT’S what dreams really look like? COOL! I can totally relate to wanting to know how the dream ends…and then there are many times when I’d just give ANYTHING to remember the dream for more than thirty seconds after waking. Sigh…

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  2. Oh I get so frustrated with those interrupted dreams! It’s ALWYAS the best ones that get broken, and we can’t usually get them back… Here’s to dreaming big, both during the day and at night. I’m so glad you linked up again and I sent you the code on FB IM if you’d like to add it! Up to you!

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  3. I also have nights where I lie awake for hours and wish that I could just go to sleep! And then poof the alarm clock wakes me up, right in the middle of a wonderful dream. Ugh. However, there are some dreams – well nightmares – that I am SO happy to wake up from and realize they weren’t true. That is just the best, no?

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