Oh, the Places We Go

Dreaming.  We always think of dreaming while we sleep and some people maintain they don’t dream at all.  I am not of that train of thought.  I dream.  I dream all sorts of things.  I wish I could dream of fairy tales with knights in shining armour and kings and queens, princesses and the prince charmings.  I wish I could control my dreams so that I never had a foreboding dream.  I once had a dream, or rather a nightmare that seemed so real that I woke with my heart racing and my breathing very rapid.  I dreamt that there was a home invader on the other side of my bathroom door.  I had awakened in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and upon entering that bathroom.  What a shock to the system!  I woke up immediately.  Talk about palpitations!

Image result for nightmares

Then there are the dreams you just don’t want to wake from.  I wake from those far too often having the sense of utter joy.  I couldn’t tell you what those dreams are particularly though because my memory never holds on to them very long.  In fact, I rarely remember them to tell my husband at the end of the day.  You know those dreams.  The ones that leave you surrounded in utter joy and peace and wanting to go back to sleep to finish it?


Today, I feel like I’m in the middle of a nightmare.  After such a beautiful and lovely day yesterday, I woke to my abdominal pain after struggling with insomnia last night and worst of all, our little, sweet squirrel, Dexter, was taking his last breaths.  I tried to revive him.  I tried CPR, I tried warming him, I tried it all.  I was too late.  He aspirated on his water sometime overnight.  We were just too late to do anything and now I have a house of broken hearts.

I will always love this little squirrel.  Dexter was the best and most amusing, curious little friend a girl could ask for.

Our little friend became part of the family in his short time here.  That happens when you are caring for small furry creatures.  We’ve done it before and we shall do it again.  Dexter was extra special to us though.  He was doing exceptionally well.  Just yesterday, he was running up and down a very large tree outside in our yard.  He had such a great day.  Our dream for him was to release him back into the wild.  This could easily have happened there too.  Aspiration is always the largest risk.  I always worried about it when he learned to drink out of his saucer.  Apparently, I was right to worry.  Late last night, He must have been so thirsty that he buried his face a little too far into the bowl. He will be so very missed by each of us!  Ir’s just never going to be the same without that sweet little nugget of fun here.  We all loved him.  Now, he will have to go off to squirrel heaven and enjoy climbing the trees and eating all the avocado he can get his hands (paws) on to.


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