Another Day of Gratitude

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Starting each day with a grateful heart may seem like reaching for the impossible dream, but I can guarantee you it is not.  Too often, we are surrounded by such negativity that we end up drowning in it as well.  For this very reason, I have made the conscious decision to begin each day being grateful for all the special gifts I have been blessed with. Spreading the positive emotions around are easier when you start your day this way.  Not easy, necessarily, and certainly not fool proof, but easier.  Like I’m always saying, I’m a work in progress. I know if you have read my blog before you know I’m already a fairly positive person, but I struggle with depression.  I struggle with being surrounded with negativity.  I finally decided to make the most of my own gifts and spread the love, so to speak.  When we are kind to one another, others seem to be kind in return.  When we are positive, it is harder for the negative people to remain negative towards us and towards others that they meet.

Today, like most work days, I was in my positive state of mind.  I was not only positive, I was also in a position to ask for help to learn about my job.  I am still very green in my position at the clinic and I have so much that I need to learn there.  Mostly, it’s the computer training.  I asked and asked today, all the while laughing and making some rather clever comments along the way.  It wasn’t until late this afternoon that another girl I work with commented and commended me for being so positive and upbeat.  What a joy to hear such a compliment!

My response was to acknowledge the compliment, thank the person who gave me the compliment and then she and I really got to chatting.  It was the end of the day, luckily.  Usually, when we are given a compliment, we simply don’t know how to take it and back off from it never knowing what to say. For goodness sake, just say thank you! That’s really simple and that’s what is expected of you! Shockingly simple!

Sometimes a compliment like that can be an icebreaker.  We spoke of negativity vs. positivity and how it’s just so much nicer to surround yourself with the latter.  Shower others with kindness too.  Don’t do it because you expect something in return, although you will get back much more than you give more often than not.

I’m grateful for my family and friends.  I am grateful for my fellow bloggers.  I am grateful for my life and the fact that I get to wake up every day, at least so far I haven’t had a problem with that one.  I’m grateful for the gifts that God has bestowed on me.  I am just so grateful! So, my challenge to each of you is to fill your heart with kindness first towards yourself, then be grateful.  See how the positive energy changes your life.

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