The Long Hall

I opened the last door and saw yet another long hall.  It was a another hall of cubicles.  “What a strange building,” I thought to myself.  I continued to walk until a man in a white striped polo shirt and black pants came around the corner at the other end of the next hallway.  He stood there, just for the briefest of moments, smiled a broad, open smile at me, waved and walked up to me.  Without a word, he shook my hand, as if he knew me.  He straightened my glasses, my jacket and my shirtsleeves, then, just as quick as he appeared, he turned and disappeared the same way he came.  “How strange!” I exclaimed.  I began to feel like I was in Wonderland.  Perhaps he was the Madhatter.

I was trying to find Joe.  Where was he anyway? So far, I had been led through countless hallways leading to other hallways and now this! Seriously, this has to be the weirdest manhunt I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  Joe had better be worth this much trouble.

I met Joe at last after I followed the strange “Madhatter Man”.  I just couldn’t resist myself.  Perhaps Joe had sent him to find me.  But why then had this stranger not said a word to me?  Why had he smiled and waved and shaken my hand but not uttered even a hello?  For that matter, what was up with the whole touchy-feely thing?  That was bizarre at best. Well, Joe better have some answers because I had some questions.

“Joe, Hiya! How are you?  I had a hell of a time trying to find you in this maze of a building.”

“I know it’s kind of crazy like that, Jess.  It’s great that you could meet me here on such short notice.  You look great.  I see you met Peter already.”

“Met? Is that what you call it?”  I looked at Joe with glint of skepticism.

I told Joe about my “meeting” Peter.  He chuckled and informed me that Peter was a special kind of guy.  He had been born deaf and mute but was never taught to sign properly.  Peter was Joe’s brother.  Boy, was I glad that I hadn’t said anything harsh about Peter.  I really liked Joe’s company and I needed his help in this new investigation.  It was going to be a doozy.  Life wasn’t easy for a woman who just happened to be a detective.  If that wasn’t bad enough, being 100 pounds soaking wet and 5’1″ made it that much harder to get people to take you serious.  This was a really difficult case and Joe had information on the suspect that I needed.  If I play my cards right, I could solve this one and get the promotion for sure.

“So, let’s see what you’ve got, Joe.  I’m all ears.”

This is another fictional story written from a video prompt!  What a fun project this was!  Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading it!

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