The Countdown Begins

What a beautiful day today is. The sun is shining and warm on my skin. The air is just the right temperature and my coffee tastes perfect this morning. I am blessed.

I am blessed also that the physicians found the cyst on my pancreas when they did. It is pre-cancerous, as it has many atypical cells. It could turn into cancer anytime it wants to, but it won’t.

It won’t because it is being removed in Friday along with the tail of my pancreas and my spleen. It’s a very big surgery and I will be out for a while afterwards. I owe it to you, my readers, to let you know why you won’t be reading anything from me Friday. I know I have the best surgeon. He specializes in pancreatic problems. He’s amazing.


Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers on Friday. It really is a very big procedure and I’ll be in hospital for a few days. It’s a painful surgery to boot. That I’m trying not to focus on. I’m just wanting it to be over so I can get in with my life and move ahead. 

Thank you for you loyalty and friendship. I love hearing from each of you. Just keep me in those thoughts and prayers and I’ll be okay. And so my countdown begins. T minus 5 days as they say till my biggest surgery ever, and I’m no slouch in the abdominal surgery department. This is the 8th one!  Wish me luck boys and girls!


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