Where Did All the Funny Guys Go?


What is it with most comedians these days? Do they all believe they have to use foul language and inappropriate material? I love a good comedian but seriously, what is with them these days?

I can take a bit of language and I’m certainly no prude, but watching some of today’s comics is just plain raunchy. What has happened to our society? Have we become so stupid that we don’t understand anything subtle or any of the nuances of humor?

Back in the days when humor was really funny, there may have been some foul language or potty humor, shall we say, but comics could keep an audience’s attention with more than that. They had funny anecdotes that had great timing. It’s always about the delivery. There are still a few excellent comics out there, but they seem to be so hard to find. Where did they go? I, personally would rather watch someone delivering funny stories that my family can watch.


I know there was only one Robin Williams and my God we were blessed to have him. He was my absolute favorite funny man. He could read the phone book and make people cry from laughter. Was he sometimes inappropriate? Yes, but not always. Did he use foul language? Again, yes, but didn’t need to in order to make us laugh. Oh, how we need more people like him.  Where did all the funny men go?

4 thoughts on “Where Did All the Funny Guys Go?

  1. Yesterday, I was just saying this very thing to Justin…I fully get what you are saying…also, I will be sure to read your other posts in the next couple of days…I had work commitments that I’ve been attending to outside of work (on- line learnings), so, I have been pre-occupied. I can’t wait to catch up 🙂

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