Carpe Diem! Well, I’ll Be Sleeping


While you all are working away today, I’ll be sleeping and drugged. No worries, I promise it’s totally fine and within the law. I’ll be under anesthesia then drugged for pain relief! Woo-hoo! Go me, for my strange anatomical anomalies!

Yes, for those who have been keeping up on my posts and my pancreas, the day is here. It’s surgery day at last! Yippee-kai-yay! I am, at last, going to have the great big surgery to relieve the pain from my nearly 4 cm pancreatic cyst.

With the removal of said cyst, they must remove half of the pancreas and all of my spleen as well. This is my biggest abdominal surgery to date. It is also the most complex which will land me in the hospital for 3-7 days depending on how they perform the surgery. Can I get a hoorah!

I’ve had all of the emotions this week that one would expect going into such a large and complex surgery. I’ve been mostly peaceful but have also experienced some grieving emotions as well. Why? Well, although I know I will, or should live a normal and healthy life afterwards, I will be more prone to infection due to lack of my spleen, and it’s such a big surgery. It’s scary going under the knife once again. And hey, I am losing body bits. They aren’t exactly the bits I’d care to lose, either, like fat!

I’ve been waiting patiently and not so patiently to have this taken care of, yet now, it’s here. My Hubs, and greatest supporter, will have to continue to care for me but eventually I will be better. I look forward to having the energy and wherewithal to function like a normal human again! I’m sure the Fam would like that too!

So here I am, waiting and awake while I should be sleeping in my bed, but sleep won’t come just yet. This will be my 8th abdominal surgery. They need to simply pop in some zippers instead of seeing me shut! Oh well, carry on surgeons. Carry on! And out with the ickiness!

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