16 thoughts on “No Walk in the Park

  1. Dear Deidre, I haven’t looked at my blog or read any blogs for some time but today I finally felt like having a look. I saw your photo pop up and realised you’ve just been through a big surgery as well. You’re right, God does have a plan for you…to reflect Him as a perfect child of God including all your unique qualities like kindness, love, nurturing, loyalty and devotion. You express these and so many more beautiful qualities with the love you show your family past and present. You are such a lovely person and all those qualities are from God …so you just know He will keep you safe and protected and continuing on your path of expressing Him in so many ways. I’ve learnt that by expressing gratitude in advance….knowing all will be well, is acknowledging God’s goodness is everpresent for eternity…and being gracious in advance brings an expectation of healing.
    All my love, Leanne.

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    1. Hi, Leanne, I clicked on your icon just now, and it said your account is no longer available…must be a glitch…I was trying to visit your blog to see if I’ve missed a post…would you mind just popping over to my blog and leaving a message on any old post, just so I can click on your icon and visit you? 🙂

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      1. Hi Truly,
        How are you? I haven’t been writing at all…I have had all the time in the world but no urge to write. Strange? But we are thinking about moving house so maybe my energy has gone into house hunting. Sydney has been under water this past weekend and today looks dull again today so a perfect opportunity to sit down and read some blogs and catch up with the writing world. I had a major abdominal surgery in May and am recovering well but could take some months according to Dr. 😊

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      2. Oh, my gosh….I am so relieved to hear that you are recovering! I had no idea. Also, I can so relate to energies being redirected….we are thinking about purchasing a home and just the thought, added to any number of considerations and obligations, is enough to tip the balance…over the past couple of weeks, I, too, had a hard time mustering the urge to write. I just felt overwhelmed and really tired, and I got all tangled up in my worries and distractions…as a result, it sucked all the fun out of writing and left me tired (physically and emotionally)….Anyway, that is part of the process when I am transitioning to a higher plane, as it were….I am always better for having found a way through the growing pains…I will be here whenever you are up to submitting a post…and, if I don’t respond within a couple days, please just drop me a line on any random post, and I will come and find you 🙂

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      3. So sorry, that was meant for Leanne…for some reason, it says her account is no longer active….I was responding to her message about house hunting and not having the urge to write…have no fear, your posts are showing up, and I have no trouble finding/connecting with you 🙂 I hope you are feeling okay today….I am praying for you….for both you and Leanne 🙂

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  2. Oh, my word…Leanne said it so very perfectly….my prayers are with you, and you are in the palm of God’s hand….you are precious and loved and you are not alone… thanks for letting us know how you are doing…

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  3. Deidre…I’m not sure why we are posting on your blog all the time…Truly says my blog/link is not working? Anyway…it’s like a three way conference call and it’s nice to stay in touch while you’re laid up there in hospital! ! Hope you’re feeling better everyday. I enjoyed my hospital experience. ..after I ceased the drugs very early the following day. I hate to feel off my head. The nurses were lovely, they used to come in to have a chat and sometimes sit down for a while for a gossip….must be the hairdresser in me! Breakfast, lunch and dinner gave me a routine which I normally don’t have and all I had to do was go for little walks which was nice cos I was in the maternity section so I could see the little bubbies! Then…..mmmmm…a little chat on the phone while afternoon tea arrived and a little doze before the family arrived. It was a brand new private hospital so it felt like a hotel with lots of room service. Keep smiling! Love Lea

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    1. I have had that stay and only stayed overnight. This one will be short lived as well and hopefully I’ll be going home tomorrow. I’m still hooked up to all the monitors and such. I’m still in a great deal of pain, but I’m also ready to go home. It’s been an interesting experience this trip.


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