Day 3 Quote, At Long Last

What wonderful descriptive words.  I love this quote just because of the use of the descriptive words, like poetry.  Granted, I chose to use all Outlander quotes in this challenge this time round, but why not!  Did you see tonight’s episode?  I tried my best to watch it, but it was difficult thanks to my daughter and her boisterous boyfriend who came inside to chat with me as the new episode started.  Outlander it really the only television that I watch.  I just can’t be bothered watching much on television anymore.

I was never a big TV watcher so it’s not a giant leap into silence.  I just prefer the quiet these days.  I like to look out my window and watch the kids play on the rope swing.  I imagine what they may be saying when I can’t actually hear them.  I enjoy reading, but haven’t the patience or the wakefulness to read presently thanks to my surgery.  Maybe this new week will find me reading a new book my best friend gave me.  Most of all, I love writing.  I haven’t been able to do that very much thanks to the medications post surgery, but I’m weaning myself off those darn things already.  I hate them.

And now to nominate my last 3 people for this 3 quotes 3 days challenge.  It sure doesn’t have to be as wordy as mine.  You can simply pick a quote and pick your 3 people for the day.  I just happen to be the word monger so, well, you know how I am if you visit here enough.  I hope you have enjoyed my quotes.  I know it’s taken me a week to get the challenge completed, but I think I get a pass this time.  I was a little busy with surgery this week.

My nominees are:

  1. because we are kindred spirits!
  2. because if I know anyone who can find awesome quotes from the best book, it’s you!
  3. because you can use beautiful quotes with those gorgeous flowers that make me so happy!

6 thoughts on “Day 3 Quote, At Long Last

      1. Sooooooo awesome….just the other day, I was having a conversation with someone at work, and we were marvelling that every person we’ve ever met from Newfoundland has been exceptionally warm and wonderful 🙂

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