Rebuild Society? Yes, Please!


Rebuilding society would be so wonderful in this day and age. Of course, I say this with a mother’s heart. Mine is a heart of tolerance and love. I envision a world without these awful atrocities occurring all over the world.

When I look at my children playing with their friends, I see love and fairness. Each is different from the other, very different, but still, ultimately the same. We all are human. We eat, sleep, breathe in the same space and have learned to get along. There is love.

If the world could take a lesson from children, the innocent ones, we could rebuild society. We could have peace and understanding, but ultimately that would take all of us parents to take a stand and make the decision to make it work.
Instead of teaching children how different we are, how about showing and promoting how we really are alike?

We are each unique and beautiful creatures that God has made. He makes no mistakes. We are like snowflakes, all similar to look at but no two being exactly the same. Teach and grow the seeds of love in each other. We can rebuild this world, one step at a time, but it takes a great deal of effort on all of us.

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