Missing Daughter

They anticipated this day for over a year, but was it really happening?  Had they really found her?  Kelsey had been a missing runaway since 6/29/2014.  Her parents, brother,  family, friends and the whole of Cornwallis, IA had searched tirelessly for months, but there was no trace.  Her parents knew she just wouldn’t run away though.  She wasn’t that kind of kid.  She had always been a good kid.

Kelsey was an average student.  She struggled to get A’s and B’s but always managed to get decent grades.  She had made some new friends at the high school which all seemed like nice kids.  But there was that one boy.  The one they called Rip.  What the hell kind of a name was Rip anyway.

Kelsey’s mom, Melanie, never gave up on the search for her girl.  Now, the police had someone matching Kelsey’s description.  She was 5’5, 108 pounds, which was skinnier than Kelsey, but after 402 days of being missing, anything could have happened.  She could be starving for food.  This girl seemed to remember very little and was frightened they said.  They said she had long, auburn hair, green eyes and light freckles over her nose.  She sounded just like Kelsey.  It had to be her.

Today was the day Melanie would see for herself.  The puzzling part was that this 17 year old, had a tiny baby.  They didn’t say how old or anything.  Kelsey wouldn’t runaway if she was pregnant.  She would have come to her mom, Melanie thought.  Maybe it wasn’t her.  Maybe she was raped.  Maybe she was kidnapped and abused.  Oh, Lord, the thoughts and the questions came flooding, and so did the tears.  How and what would she do if this was her baby girl?  Her Kelsey?  The little light of her life?

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