Pampering Time with Ms. T

I’m getting out of the house with my oldest best friend in the world. She is rescuing me and taking me for a pedicure. Time to relax and rejuvenate with T! Or T time as I like to call it!

I’ve been cooped up since my surgery with the exceptions of difficult things like, the ER trip yesterday with my son. That took everything out of me. I also had to manage ‘Book and Fee Day’ at the high school with my daughter which involves too much walking eliciting way too much pain. I’ve had to pick my brother up from the airport which was not too bad, but I was more than ready to see bed afterwards, and my follow up doctor’s appointment, which meant more walking. As you can see, I’m ready for a little TLC with my oldest bestie.

We have been friends, or sisters of choice since neither of us was blessed with a sister, since 1987, the summer we graduated high school. We met while working at the movie theater in our mall which is now only a mere memory. We both worked through 2 different cinema companies there and have many mutual friends thanks to those days long past now.

T and I just clicked right away. We just became inseparable from the word go. We have lived through boyfriends and breakups, friendships and marriages, now children. I have my 4 children and my youngest is 9. Her one and only sweet boy is nearly 3. He’s the cutest little redhead you could shake a stick at. He’s full of energy and I’m glad he goes home with her at night. It makes me glad my days of potty training and chasing toddlers are in the past! But he really is the sweetest little guy! Such a smart one too!

So now, I’m dressed and pain pill has been consumed. I’m ready to get my wee little piggies all dolled up! Not that I have any place to go, but I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to share some special time with my special friend, kid free and getting pampered, if for only a little while. We can finally catch up on everything in the world of us! There’s always do much to chat about too! I love my T time just about more than anything! There isn’t much I’d be willing to leave the house for right now, but this is worth its weight in gold! Thanks T, for being such a great friend.

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