Yesterday was Tense

Surgery is bad enough but when faced with normal mom things and an extraordinary mom thing, well, let’s just say making it through the day was so difficult. Tears were shed, questioning of why today spilled forward from my mouth. The best thing was my fantastic husband saving the day, as usual. I love the man more each day.

My son hit his head while swimming in the side of the pool and had a fierce headache. He never lost consciousness but was very lethargic and vomited. We, meaning, the ultra pathetic, having-a-super-bad-day me took him to the ER. After nearly 4 hours and a CT and vomiting again a couple times, we got to go home. The boy had a miraculous recovery and I could finally get some relief of my own.

The last two days have been tough with one thing after another. I know that eventually I’ll get my life back. It seems like it will never happen, especially when I have to be mom like yesterday.

As my life is now, I keep track of when I take medicine and food on a chart. I monitor my weight on a chart. I’ve lost 9 pounds since my Surgery, of my pre-op weight and since I was so fluid overloaded after surgery I’ve lost 19 since then. This is a major struggle which I’m battling. It will be okay in the end, but who knew I’d miss my spleen and half of my pancreas so much! I’m glad it is gone actually, I just wish I could feel better faster. It will come but boy I feel like I’m such a grump and that’s just not me.

#8thabdominalsurgery, #nomorepancreas,

P.S. I surely can’t have much more they remove!

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