Grateful for Today

What a slow and gentle day. I was able to leave the prison of home again this morning for a while. How lovely to feel the sun on my cheeks! Soft and warm and glowing orb that brings me happiness!

Today’s adventures were thwarted briefly when my boy and I went out to the van. We recently, Wednesday, obtained some new to us furniture which was still in the van. The boy had to take what he could out to make room for passengers. I couldn’t help thanks to my 10 pound weight restriction post surgery. Let me tell you, that 9 year old kid is so strong! Thank God! He removed a ton of stuff!

Our first destination was picking up the 14 year old from school. Why? Because that’s where she was. What a beautiful, sunny morning. She was sending me texts about the bugs that were eating her alive. Poor kid. The boy and I were busy though. The boy was unloading all that stuff!

Next stop, hair salon for a bit of an update and trim. I had the two silly kids with me who amused themselves to no ends looking through magazines at all the hairstyles. All I heard from my chair was a great deal of laughter!

For being such good sports, I got them a McDonald’s breakfast for a treat. We drove through and I knew I was done with my gallivanting for the day. I miss those days of taking off in the morning and just doing things.

There were so many things I would have liked doing, doing but I knew I was pushing it. Sad, isn’t it? But I have to remember that my surgery was only 2 weeks ago today. I’m grateful for not being stuck in a hospital bed. I’m glad this isn’t permanent even when it feels like it. I’m getting there. I have to remember that everything takes time. I will heal in God’s tome, not my own.

As for now, my temp is up again. Stupid low grade temps. It’s the time of day and normal post op stuff, especially with no spleen. I’m exhausted so it’s time for another nap. I never thought I would say, I am tied of napping, but there it is! Have a joyous day, my friends! Love and peace to you all!

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