Kill ’em with Kindness

Have you ever felt awful because of what someone said very nonchalantly? I had that experience yesterday while getting my pedicure. It was a special treat given to me by my dearest friend, T. She picked me up and sped me off for some much needed girl time.

We seemed to wait forever soaking our tootsies in the lovely warm, bubbly water, waiting ever so patiently for someone to start our tropical pedicures. Finally, one of the girls came over, motioned for me to take my right foot out of the water. She took my polish off, did the same with the left foot. But while she did the left foot, quite nonchalantly, she stated, “you did your own polish.” I nodded and said yes. I’m not that frivolous as to spend $33 to have someone polish my toes all the time. It’s a treat! She further went on, “I know. I can tell. You got it all over your cuticles.”

It wasn’t necessarily what she said, but how she said it. It was demeaning. And she only stayed at my foot, yes foot, for a minute more before another client, her client I assume, came and sat down beside me. I was waiting again.

I could have complained about her attitude or her lack of attention for sure. T and I had been waiting there soaking our feet for ages by this time, but I said nothing. Eventually, another lady and a young man came and have the two of us the loveliest tropical pedicures.

What’s my point? Well, my point is simple. What good would have come from raising a fit? Perhaps her client had called for an appointment. We were walking and they were busy. The new lady was as sweet as pie. T and I walked out with beautiful toes and we each got white flowers painted on our big toes to boot! I even tried something I’ve never tried! I have baby blue nails! And they’re really cute! I love them!

Killing people with kindness always works much better than anything else, I find. Let’s all be kind to each other!

7 thoughts on “Kill ’em with Kindness

  1. Yes, killing people with kindness is the best, it leaves you knowing you didn’t react to their rudeness. Even if you know they were wrong, you just smile and let them know that your day is not ruined. I’m glad you did that and ending your day of pedicure’s on a high note. Thanks for share and I love the flowers on your big toes and baby blue is a nice color!

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  2. Very cute! – I was at the laundromat today. It must have been 80-85 degrees there. A woman sitting near me (chatting with) was wearing a ton of makeup and long black slacks and a (hot looking) black sweater. I asked her if she wasn’t hot. She looked at me in my flip flops, sundress (modest) and pony tail, looked at my arms and said she could never leave the house like I did. :argh: LOL Thankfully, I found myself trying not to laugh. I said “well, I am here to do my laundry not meet prince charming, I don’t normally run around like this”. Gosh. A hot summer afternoon. šŸ˜‰

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