I Should Be Sleeping, But…

Sleep. I do a great deal of that these days. Yes, I feel guilty about it at times, but I really need sleep. If I’m going to gain strength again, I need several things with sleep being one of those things.  I also, ironically, need, exercise which isn’t happening as I had hoped it would, but I’m so tired  lately. I try so hard to do everything right. 

    They tell me work on getting your appetite back. Work on exercise. How does one do this when feeling worse than they did after surgery? My labs revealed that I still have an infection. In fact, my labs haven’t changed in 3 weeks and 3 types of antibiotics later, something should improve. Each time I believe I’m getting better, it seems like another little bump in the road happens. I’ll get there though, someday. 

    I have another doctor’s appointment today. I actually will be seeing my buddies in interventional radiology. This is the doctor that placed my drain over 3 weeks ago. Wow! That’s a long time for a drain! All I can do is take things one day at a time. I pray, a lot. I pray that today, these doctors listen to me, refer me to infectious disease doctor who might get rid of the infection once and for all. I pray for continued patience getting through all this. I pray for strength. I will conquer this. I will be me again. Someday, I will be me again. I will never again take my health for granted either. If this has been anything, it has taught me to be patient, to trust God’s timing and to speak up for myself, especially when no one wants to hear me. Today is a new day full of new promises. Perhaps today is the day life will turn around. I’m an optimist so today I choose to believe good things will happen. 

    Blessings and love to you, my friends! 

    Deirdre xx

    14 thoughts on “I Should Be Sleeping, But…

        1. Yes, I too was back in ER 1 week after being discharged as my drainage site started leaking again, an ultrasound showed that there was more abdominal fluid to come out so they had to put a drainage bag back over the site again. As I had my spleen removed too I was prescribed daily antibiotics for life, but came off them after 10 months. I always have some to hand though just in case I pick up any infections. I am going to post a summary of my post op diary in the next week. Take very good care of yourself, it really does take 9-12 months to recover from such an operation. Hugs Suzanne 😀

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        2. Hi, I didn’t have a whipple as my tumour was in the body of my pancreas, so the tail and body of pancreas was removed leaving the head of my pancreas. I understand that a whipple is more a more complex surgery than a distal pancreactomy.

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        3. After I asked I saw you did have the same as me but you lost your gallbladder gallbladder as well. I’m so thankful to you for sharing your story. It makes me know there’s an end in sight.

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