ADHD and Homework

Every kid struggles with homework at some time or another but kids with ADHD suffer every day just to get work done. How do I know this? My son has ADHD and I know this nasty beast for all that it is. Now. I will tell you, unlike many others with this diagnosis, my son does not have behavioral issues. In fact, at school he’s an angel according to his teachers (can they come home with him), but home is another matter with behavior. Hubs and I see a child that can be defiant at times despite some of the consequences but normally they do the trick. 

School is the biggest hurdle we have. I love my son dearly, but there are times that he and I could go rounds in a rink when it comes to getting his homework done. This evening was no exception. I met with his teacher, known for being a “hard” teacher but an excellent teacher for him. She has gone of experience teaching 4th grade. Her biggest input? The boy is disorganized and already behind. Not what I wanted to hear, but we have a plan.

The assignment notebook is the key. The big thing is basically beating it into boy’s head that this is his school bible and every little thing must be in here. His teacher and I are going to write notes back and forth to make certain work is being done. She’s going to make sure things are sent home too, at least for now. She are going to whip this boy into educational shape.

Step two? Medication. Yes, I tried to see if we could get away without it, but after today’s conference I feel that is a no brainer. Boy needs it to focus on the task at hand and what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t provide him with medication that will help him. Would you not take medicine for your high blood pressure? Exactly. If there was ever a boy that needed help focusing. This is the one. 

This is not easy for him or for us as parents. It is painful every day to watch your child go through such a struggle. I’ve always believed that God only gives us the crosses we can bear, so somehow we will all bear this one. It breaks my heart though to think of him struggling when others get the work done so easily. Be is very bright but it is locked away in a disorganized brain. If only I had the key.

11 thoughts on “ADHD and Homework

  1. You’re a wonderful mom, Deirdre and a nurse to boot. If you think your son can benefit from medication, no one else’s opinion matters. He’s blessed to have you fighting for (and with) him, sweetie! Hugs!

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  2. Medication doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. It can really make it easier to work on things from a more balanced starting point. I’m glad you’re helping your son any way you can :).

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  3. My 4 year old was recently put on medication, BIG NO NO. 3 schools later on meds, I found him a school that work with ADHD and the first thing the Admin told me was to take him off and give him coffee. Yes, coffee. He has now been put up to kindergarten at the private school he attends. So today we had doctor appointment and they asked if the medicine was working because he was so calm. I politely said, “3 schools later after you put my kid on meds I finally found a school that deals with this and he is not on meds its coffee. The psychiatrist said that in a true ADHD person coffee has the opposite affect, and decided to keep him off meds and do follow ups.

    Every child is different, and you should always do what is best for your child. But I am convinced that there are many natural options out there that are not offered due to the pharmaceutical companies. I am now researching more natural ways of helping my son.


  4. I find that the hardest part is getting them to just sit down and take out their homework. The second hardest part is getting them to say focused on it. The third hardest is getting the to put it in their bags for the next day. It’s not even about the actual difficulty of the work!
    P.S. Totally trying coffee!

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