Thoughts For Coffeetime

It’s coffee time and it’s the weekend. My thoughts today are rather all over the place today. I’m glad it’s the weekend and time to relax a bit. Hubs and the boy will be heading off to the British Car show tomorrow leaving me home alone for either projects or relaxation. I have yet to decide.

Work is going much better and I’m starting to actually feel useful around the offices I’m placed in. Hurrah! At last! Sometimes the task lists are daunting and I have no idea what to do with some of them, but for the most part, with some detective work, I can do something. As a float nurse, that’s what it’s all about. Getting through what we can and muddling through the rest of you can.

Homework, for the most part, is going well with the boy. In saying this, we still have today to get through since we didn’t do Friday’s homework yet. Bummer on my part. I wasn’t feeling it yesterday. I suppose mom needed a little break.

Have you ever noticed how God works in those little mysterious ways? Lately, I’ve been talking to an old friend who has made me feel connected to so many good things in life. I so enjoy our conversations each day. It is something that has brought great joy to my life.

So, what’s new in your world this week? How has your week been? Join me for coffee and let’s make a connection!

3 thoughts on “Thoughts For Coffeetime

  1. Hi!How are you? My week is very exciting.Like christmas,In kolkata there is a big festival called Durga puja and we worship the goddess durga,This festival is for 4 days.we give gifts to our closed ones.This is a festival for everyone,no caste,no rich or poor.Just happiness in the year.My all family members came to my house and give gift to each other before puja.The festival is going to be held in October.I will surely put some pictures in blog.How your day is going? How is your daughter who studies in college?How is your little boy.I hope everyone is good.

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    1. Hi! Thanks for writing! Everyone is great. My daughter in college is doing really well and my son is doing much better in school these days! I’m doing well but I’m so tired after my work day is done! It’s hard to learn new things when you get older! I can’t wait to see your pictures! The festival sounds divine!

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      1. Take care of yourself first,and i will surely put some durga puja pics in my blog,I am so excited.You are such a lovely and beautiful human being,and thank you always for supproting me from the first day of my blog,I can’t thank you enough.Take care of your health & give my love to everyone.Bye.

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